NISD School Board Meeting, February 23

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5 Responses to NISD School Board Meeting, February 23

  1. taxpayer says:

    According to the newspaper today, the Board discussed reduction in workforce (firing teachers) scenarios due to economic hard times. At the same meeting the same board approved the purchase of nearly 200 iPads for elementary students. I am all for technology, but we should first figure out how to administer and pay for our current education system before throwing more money at it.

    • Billy Dix says:

      The question of the janitorial contract scam has also not been resolved. they hired Moses on political connections alone and this is what they got. Over charges and under performance and contracts outside the rules without review. There are many worms in the NISD can.

    • Sparky says:

      Sometimes money for technology items come from a grant. That money MUST be used for the purchase of such devices. I am not saying that this is the reason for what happened. I am just making some people aware that without all the facts you should not judge the actions.

      • taxpayer says:

        Point taken, Sparky. I don’t claim to have all the facts, but I felt it was worth pointing out how priorities seem very mixed up. Technology can be a great teaching tool but it can not teach by itself. Teachers are our school’s biggest asset and should valued more by society.

        Grant funds come from taxpayer money too.

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