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1,057 Responses to NacVoice

  1. Debbie says:

    My grandson came home from Nacogdoches High School today and informed me that a sub. teacher voiced her own thought about the evil police and the poor black boys ( Martin and Brown) the police killed for know reason. I do not think her thoughts should be voiced in our public schools as fact. The schools should inform these so called teachers to keep their own opinion out of the class rooms, and never tell our children that the police are out to kill children. Thank the good Lord my grandson watches the news and knows more facts then fiction about this subject.Shameful this so called teacher is dumber then a 16 year old.

    • PoppJax says:

      I can understand that you may have been upset about what the sub said, but if your grandson is 16 then he is mature enough to hear about issues that are affecting our world. I do not know you at all, but it seems that you may be more upset that the subs opinion differed from your own. If the sub had brought up the issue in full support of the police officers, would you still be upset? The fact remains that both the occurrences that you addressed in your post do highlight that there are still some racial problems in this country. At 16, your grandson should be aware that our world still has problems and that there are a lot of changes that need to be made. Personally, I would be more upset if my grandson remains ignorant to current events of the world that impact all of us.

      • realist says:

        What is the “racial problem”? The thugs happened to be of the same race as those who were rioting. That is the only racial problem that I see.

        I am sure the sub explained that these people were disenfranchised due to lack of oppurtunities in their communities. The rioting was merely a form of self expression common in certain cultures. Self expression should be promoted as diversity and not punished by the biased authorities.

        • PoppJax says:

          I do not see it accurate to refer to the events that occurred as riots. The majority of the people there were peacefully protesting. Yes, there were a few people who chose to take advantage of the situation, but the protesters were there to stand up for what they thought was right. No, the protesters were not all minorities. They were a large group made up of all races. The fact is that no matter what your opinion is about the events, they shown a light on many problems that exist in our country. Minorites are treated differently and are oftend targeted by law enforcement. I would consider this a racial problem. The fact that white priveledge remains strong in our nation, is a racial problem. I would much rather that our teenagers be well informed about the things that occur in our world that actually matter. It is time that we stop sheltering them from an issue just because it is controversial. This is especially important nowadays when what counts as news is nothing but celebrity drama and TMZ type BS. We cannot ignore the problem and we should not try to keep our teenage children away from the real issues, or they may just end up as messed up as we are.

          • Yolanda says:

            Dey was good chillins dey dint do nuffin! It the white man’s fault! We should be able to steal and loot becauz we been enslaved for 200 years. Free 40 oz and skittles for all de brothers & sistas!!

            • PoppJax says:

              This is a perfect example of why no valuable discussions can be had online. The ignorance of some people always amazes me. All it takes is for one person to do something stupid. like looting, and the respectable efforts of many are then forgotten. I guess it is just easier to choose to remain naive and spout useless and juvenile racial remarks instead of evolving just an ounce so that one may actually see what is going on in this world. It is remarks like this that proves that there is still a “racial problem”.

              • realist says:

                Knee jerk reactions from the liberal media and people such as yourself are the problem. Instead of waiting for the facts to come out you want to rush to judgment and blame it on white privilege, whatever that means.

                Obama, Holder, Sharpton et al should all be charged as accessories in the shooting of those police officers. They are guilty of playing the race card and increasing tensions. Those are the true racists.

                If that thug had not committed robbery and assault then assaulted a police officer he would still be alive. Place blame where blame is due.

                • PoppJax says:

                  First of all, if you can even pretend to not know what white privilege is then you really have no clue. This is a reality of the world we live in. I have seen it first-hand. It can be observed everywhere in this country. Secondly, to label a reaction as a knee jerk reaction implies that the reaction was due to a surprise event. Knee jerk reactions occur when something new and unexpected occurs and people do not know how to properly respond. Racial discrimination is nothing new, therefore none of these reactions were knee jerk reactions. They were a response to recurring actions that are way too prevalent in this country. “That thug” was not the first black person to be shot by a white official. He sure will not be the last. You are also incorrect to look at one specific event that was justified and think that you can then rule any other similar events to be justified. Yes, there have been some cases where police officers respond with proper force. There are also many other times when the use of force is not justified. You cannot look at one event and then just pretend since that time the cop was right that they are always right. Minorities are still not properly treated the way whites are by law enforcement. This is a problem. It should be addressed. It should be discussed. Of course, that it is my fault for expecting some open minded people to be in this area. Instead, I get people who refuse to actually see that the blame should be placed on those people who refuse to admit that racism is way too prevalent in this country.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    WHAT THE HECK?! Where did the mugshots on the booking reports go?!
    How am I supposed to identify the trash if I can’t identify it?!

    • Site Administrator says:

      Hi Concerned Citizen,
      The mugshots on the booking reports are still available and updated everyday on our website. If you are having trouble loading the mugshots please try using a different internet browser.
      Thank you.

  3. Mike says:

    Honestly. Would you rather live in Lufkin?

  4. happens in Nac? says:

    How can a house on 2010 Clarice be squatted in when the owner is in Florida, and her mother is in a nursing home in Nacogdoches. This woman, Cary, 2 kids and 3 pitbulls are there illegally! The police wont get her out. They have been called numerous times by family and neighbors with no results. Her HUD house is flooded, so she just moves in and refuses to leave! The owner was told she has to pay the bills for this bum! A joke? I promise you it is not!

  5. Mike says:

    Do you really want to look like Lufkin? I’ve got everything I need here.

  6. MikeD says:

    I’ve been reading this blog because I’m from Nacogdoches and graduated from SFA in the early 90′s. I also still have some family back in Nacogdoches.

    Anyway, I was looking through the NCSO Bookings Report and I’m shocked. They actually arrest people for speeding? No seat belt? I saw where numerous people were arrested for simple Class C Misdemeanors.

    Sorry to say it but the days of me coming back to town, renting a hotel room and catching an SFA Football or Basketball game are over. I’ve never heard of people being arrested for such minor infractions. Sadly, I also think my kids need to rethink if SFA is the right choice for them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably rather be arrested than have to attend S F A. Prairie View A & M looks good compared to Titoville.

      • MikeD says:

        It’s funny, I posted the message above yesterday. Today, there are 3 more booking reports. I surfed through them and behold. Several young people with arrests for speeding, failure to provide drivers license, insurance, etc. Unbelievable. Imagine how many kids will go to SFA, get a degree, and then won’t be able to get a job because they have an arrest record for speeding or some other benign offense.

        • citizen says:

          the arrest for minor traffic offences you see reported are for those who have let their unpaid traffic offences turn into warrants. but on the report it only states the offence. they still just give tickets for speeding in nac its safe long as you pay the fine

        • Gerry says:

          A ticket is a courtesy and not required by any police force. The key to your issue is NOT breaking the law, regardless of how insignificant you feel it is.

    • Billy Dix says:

      Do your kids have a habit of speeding, driving w/o seat belts and committing a lot of misdemeanors?

    • Gerry says:

      A ticket is a courtesy, not a requirement. You can be arrested for breaking any law.

  7. Suicide says:

    What’s going on with the supposedly Suicide??? On CR 117 Please Investigate???

  8. Hadenoghtnac says:

    If your not growing your going down hill. This town has not grown any in the past twenty years no growth no money but aways buying high dollar equipment and then raising rates to pay

    • Patriot says:

      So what is Lufkin doing right that nac isn’t?

      Maybe actually encouraging new business instead of trying to extort money out of them.

      A thought

      • gotoutofnac! says:

        Lufkin wants to grow. Nac has all these old people who wants to keep the historic look. its ok to leave the historical landmarks up but Nac needs to build and create. Nac has a 4 year university and the kids only have one major chain to eat in which is Chilli’s. I will say that everytime i return to nac i do see a new dollar store. lol.. it has to be about 10 of those things there.

        • Open Your Eyes says:

          There are several chains, Cotton Patch, Jalepeno Tree, Fuzzys, Clear Springs, Wing Stop, Newks. The list could go on.

          • Anonymous says:

            So if you were married or dating someone you would find it acceptable to take them to one of those restaurants for an anniversary? Don’t get me wrong clear springs/auntie pastas is ok for dates but where do you go for the second one?

            • Patriot says:

              Agreed, there are some decent places in Nac, but for special occasions we go to Lufkin or Shreveport to dine. We used to go to Fredonia, but that is no longer an option.

          • hypocrisy@itsfinest says:

            And they all SUCK!~

  9. BUBBA says:


  10. Hadenoughtnac says:

    Stop the shop nac first nobody’s buying . I’ll bet all the wife’s of city and county officials shop out of town . And now NISD wants another bond so they can waste more money. Where are the 500 kids that transferred out ??

    • YouGotItRight! says:

      How many homes in Waterford do you think are furnished by Johnson’s? Haha!

    • Liberal Mind says:

      Believe it or not, originally all of those “Shop Nac First” signs that were posted on all of windows of Nac businesses were printed and bought from a business in LUFKIN, not Nacogdoches. They were found out, and all new signs had to be posted, and they were then all printed from a Nacogdoches business. Food for thought.

  11. Amen says:

    This website is nothing but a gossip page. The Daily Seintinel does have Class NOT to print names OR pictures… EVERYONE makes mistakes and it’s devastating enough for them when they do. WHY make it worse by having this Classless page? Is it because you like the humiliation and pain it causes others? It also makes the town of Nacogdoches look cheep and classless. What A Joke you are making of the people of Nacogdoches.

    • Just callin it like it is!! says:

      Well if it quacks like a duck. The people of Nacogdoches make there selves a joke. They just don’t like being called on it. Nacogdoches is SFA and that is all there is SFA a bunch of worn out old buildings and some of the most unfriendly and uncaring people. If you want to know what hell would be like if it froze over just take a drive through town.

    • Fuy Gawkes says:

      Simply put: sticking your head down in the dirt does nothing to alleviate the problem. You can ignore the fact that this kind of behavior occurs in our fair city, OR you can put it out in the public eye, for all to see. (Roaches scatter when you turn on the lights!)

      It’s time for Nacogdoches to address the problems in this city, as opposed to sweeping it under the carpet of the South Side and maintaining the facade of a genteel place in the pines that you can retire to.

  12. What? says:

    What Happen to Februarys Booking Posting…. WAY behind…… spending to much time on the gossip page…..

  13. What? says:

    Last posting Feb 19 ???? HOW COME ??? way behind….. ?????

  14. Have you noticed says:

    The people at the women’s shelter thrift shop in Nac and Lufkin are so rude and there prices are way to high I know it is for a good cause but really its second hand items and the managers in both stores are hateful.

  15. Confused Voter says:

    Who should I support for County Judge????

  16. OnAHigherFrequency says:

    Lets stop putting fluoride in our water supply.

  17. Renee says:

    SFA football…Athletic Director
    When and where did Robert Hill get a degree? Does he REALLY have one or is it an honorary one from SFA???? Doesn’t say much for someone calling the shots on others who actually earned way more than he did. Most coaches at college level have a master’s!!! I would bet money Robert Hill can’t produce a transcript.

    • Billy Dix says:

      Sometimes it’s not what you know it’s who you….well you get the idea. Maybe Robert knows how to do it real well.

    • President Obama says:

      Renee, since it was so easy for me to have a fake birth certificate made and fool all of you stupid Americans, I can almost gaurantee that Mr. Hill could produce a college transcript for you.

  18. reneem says:

    A few months ago my husband was arrested for deadly conduct…He was shooting his gun in his own yard. Yes it was after dark but he was in his own yard. The law came out because of the neighbors called..was he being loud..yes he was. From what i understand there is no noise cut off in the county. He was in his truck with a glass of kool ade listening to the radio when the law arrived. They (the law) pointed a gun to his nose and pulled him out of the truck and put cuffs on him.He had to stay overnight in jail. After a thousand dollars and hours in jail he was released. Three weeks later they dropped the charges but failed to inform us for the dropped charges..Neither did they inform the bails bondsman..We went for six months calling the bails bonds office every week checking in waiting for the time he had to go to court. Now I am very grateful the charges were dropped..but I don’t think they were in the right to even arrest him in the first place.They confiscated our new shot gun and it was in the back seat of the truck when they arrested my husband. We did get the gun back but not the thousand dollars we had to put up. We ourselves had to go to court house to find out they had dropped the charges. I thought this was the bailsman job to do this. Like I said i am very grateful that he was not charged but what they put him through is just crazy.I thought you were innocent until proven guilty and not the other way around. The officer that arrested him went on line,on the way of driving him to the jail, to find out what he was going to charge him for and did not tell him what he was arrested for until he got to the jail. Has the law gotten so out of hand? A couple of weeks before this happen my mother who is handicapped and in a wheel chair had a prowler called the law the next day to come out and they were to busy to respond and said they would take the report over the phone. Never heard from them. This is all so crazy. I thought they were to serve and protect us and now they just want to make a name for themselves. I am so disappointed….

    • Patriot says:

      Welcome to the new America with the militarization of the police. Lucky he didn’t get shot like they did Koontz. I suggest that you retain a lawyer and sue their azz.

      It is time for the people to stand up for the rights we are guaranteed under the Constitution!

      • Gerry says:

        How offensive that your handle on here is “Patriot” because the idiocy you are spewing indicates otherwise. How does a man’s arrest for carrying out deadly conduct (wreckless use of a firearm) indicate the “militarization” of police? That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while.

        As for Koontz, when you shoot at the police, and live the life he lead, you deserve every bullet that riddles your body.

    • Gerry says:

      It was idiotic, and illegal, to shoot his firearm after sunset. I am not sure of the legality if his arrest if he was not shooting when they arrived, but if the neighbors had pressed charges or had video of the shooting, I am betting the charges would not have been dropped. Lesson your hubby should learn from this…be a better neighbor and do not shoot after dark.

  19. Concerned Citizen says:

    Has anyone wondered why the hit and run on Charles “Peewee” Johnson, which ended in a life flight to Houston and this last weekend, his death, never made it into the papers?

  20. Nativehere says:

    Why is it that complaints made to our Nacogdoches Police Departmetn and Sheriffs office seem to be misinformed? I guess the old addige that Cops are a brotherhood are definitely true here in Nacogdoches. It makes me sick, they are here to SERVE and PROTECT the community, not operate on a free basis!


    We participated for the first time in the Pig show at the Pineywoods Fair and learned two things… don’t waste time and money. Don’t want to seem like a whining parent, but what we saw last nite between the “so called” judge and one of the pig buyers was grossly unfair and dishonest. It is really disappointing to see that something that should be fun and could teach our kids to be responsible and learn how to lose gracefully and win respectfully has turned out to be exactly what we were warned of, “political”. It is not what you know and how hard you work, but, who you know and how much are you willing to pay, apparently. I hope that enough people will have seen what we saw and take a stand and make our voices heard and/or quit participating until they make changes to ensure honesty. Honestly, I don’t understand as a parent what these parents are thinking… when you have bought the competition, what have you accomplished. You have padded the pockets of the judge and/or the pig buyer and taught the kids absolutely nothing about integrity. Some of these kids never set eyes on their animal until show time… really!!! My son is thoroughly disappointed, he worked really hard, knew he had a loosing pig, last minute bought a left over from our school, but wanted to participate and get his feet wet, so to speak, learn what to do and proceed to better next year. Not only did he work hard for his, he worked relentlessly with our Ag teacher at every request to do for others up until show time to only learn what it was all about. We are disappointed for all the youngsters and parents who with good faith, spent good money thinking they honestly had a chance… the competition was over before it began. I only hope that our school is not a part of the scheme… that would make it worse. I fear that it is the case though.

    • Politically Incorrect says:

      Everything in this town, including school athletics, city events, and even the fair, run off of politics. Not just this town, this country. Nacogdoches is no longer the small town USA that it use to be. Somewhere down the line, it went south. All the brown nosing kiss @s$e$ are moving their way up the ladder while the hardworking honest average citizen stays where they are at. Most people say if you can beat em, join em. Not this time!

    • Confused says:

      I’m confused, you say he knew he had a loosing pig but you’re upset that he lost? If he worked hard and made it to the show then he is a winner, hey maybe it wasn’t his day but just because he lost or didn’t place as high as you wanted him to that doesn’t mean give up!

    • Dahawk says:

      It is sad that your child had such a bad experience but showing is the most competitive yet rewarding endeavor that a child can select to participate in. Simply it isn’t for everyone. I would be very cautious to make the assumptions that you make about the fair and those that work for the kids of the county. Those that run the fair have rules that everyone follows and if they break rules there are consequences. I can attest to the work ethic that those that teach and work for kids bring to the table. They work many hours in many cases away from their own family to build memories for kids. It sounds like you failed to work hard at animal selection and you are spewing animosity against those that did. Shame on you. Get yourself in your vehicle and go select your child a winner next year. As far as buying a champion, it is impossible. Kids over the last 5 years have won the show with cheap and expensive pigs and many have lost with expensive pigs. If you think that someone did something wrong at the show board and complain but don’t besmearch the accomplishments of others. Teach your child to overcome. We should all be thanking every person that works tireless to give youth this experience.

      • Been there says:

        Very well reply, Dahawk. Not all animals will turn out to be sale makers regardless of how well they have been cared for and how good they were when they were first purchased. My children have shown many years at the fair and often times the animals that were “left over ” turned out to beat several of the ones that were “first” picks. The teacher, or whomever purchased the project have no control of some of the circumstances that happen to the animals during the feeding period. I just hate that a parent chooses a public forum to “bash” an organization that is run by non paid volunteers and the schools that make it up. I agree they are some problems with what happens at any livestock show, alot of times these are out of the control of the fair board.

    • Misty Hill says:

      I’m sure I can guess who you are talking about…and I can tell you this about that person if you ever needed any help with your hog no matter who you got if from that person would help you out!!! What is sad… It sounds like you already had a bad taste in your mouth before you ever got to the show about this person….. My child has shown all over and I can tell you just because someone talks to a judge don’t mean anything.. I know the judge that was there and I can tell you this about him. He is judging the hog …NOT the kid or who was spraying water on the hog seeing how thats how some think around there!! Your child is not the only one that works hard with there animal every day and not make the sale.. I can tell you that a lot is said about your animal when you walk in the show ring.. Good skin, clipped right, full and fresh and showmanship plays a BIG part in how your hog is placed sometimes because that judge can get an overall better look of the hog…. just remember people always like to talk about the winners and one day you could be there.. If you need any help next year we would be more then happy to help your family out… My child can help your family with showmanship! U can look us up on FB Chad Hill Duroc…..
      Oh and I’m from Nac!

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sorry you had bad experience, but you are correct it is a very political show and has been going on every since that person has been involved in Nacogdoches county. I suggest that a group of you parents join together and have a meeting with the county commisioners and judge and let them know what is taking place at the fair, in the end they are in charged of the fair.

      • Misty Hill says:

        So your telling me that one person has had that much pull at the co show for the past 14 years or so?? I dont think so!!!..The only reason people are mad is because hogs this persone had picked out for different families have been Grand or Res Grand for that many years!!! Have people ever thought that this person can just pick out GREAT HOGS!!! Somthing people might need to think about!!!…Wow

      • What? says:

        When did the commissioners and county judge take over the show? They have absolutely no bearing on the show!! Where did you get that information? The fair committee is over the show and make the rules for it!!

        • Anonymous says:

          The fair committee does make the rules and vote but the commissioners and judge can over rule and get things done because the fair committee is directed under the commissioners and judge.

          • Dont think so says:

            The only thing the commissioners are over are the facilities. The livestock committee is not directed by the judge or commissioners. The have no say on the rules of the livestock show at the fair. The only thing they could do is refuse the use of the expo which would be detrimental to the fair if this happened.

    • Concerned Citizen looking out for our Youth says:

      I was at the fair and witnessed this first hand. My hat is off to all of the parents that work hard with their kids. The price of animals is not what the show should be about, but there isn’t much we can do about that. The Ag teachers need to regain control of the show and purchasing of the animals. The man you are referring to is notorious for taking a $300 hog and pricing it for $1000. He is not a bad guy if you think price gouging is okay. Last time I checked, the schools had trucks and Ag teachers to drive and find your kids the best animals they could. This is where the problem is. They are on a 12 month contract and they don’t want to, its easier to call this one man and tell him I have X number of dollars to spend. This is what has happened to the show. So in conclusion to what I’m telling you, it starts with the Ag teachers. You have to want to. I worked hard participating when i was in school and did pretty good. I didn’t realize until years down the road all of the cheating that went on. I will be the first to stand up and say that it has to stop. Nacogdoches County is hurting because of the people in control. Lufkin sales twice as many animals as Nacogdoches. The show should be about giving, not cheating a kid. They should put a cap on what the animals will sale for and sale more so the kids can have an option to by another animal next year. True, they may not break even, but something is better than nothing. Come on Nac. County and help our youth, don’t crush them before they make it to the real world. Let them be kids.

      • Maybe says:

        Maybe you need to get in the truck and go with this man you are referring to if we are thinking of the same person because I am an ag teacher in the county and I have been with him and seen him buy animals and then sell them to kids for less than he pays for them just because a kid wants to show. I have traveled with him on several occasions and never saw him purchase one for $300.00 either and when he did he sold them for that. The simple fact is, that he is allowed to get into different breeders best sets because he makes sure the animals are tended to. Maybe we aren’t talking about the same person, but if we are you need to check yourself. Funny you mention Angelina county because I’m pretty sure he’s had a hand in most of the winners over there the past 10 years or so as well. Bottom line don’t talk about something that obviously you know nothing about. Call him and ask for help and see if he doesn’t bend over backwards to help your kiddo out just like he does with mine. I’m not telling you if you can’t beat em join em as an earlier post stated, I’m simply saying get your facts right before you run your mouth!

        • Concerned Citizen looking out for our Youth says:

          Sorry, I must have hit some nerves for speaking out the truth. You only know what he does for your kid. I don’t care what he or she wins, I just want every kiddo as you say to have an equal opportunity to compete, without someone standing behind the pinning area hollering “come on spot, come on spot” and telling the judge that it’s one of his. That is wrong and if you cant see that you need to get your blinders off of your eyes.

          • CONCERNED PARENT says:

            Yep, you saw the same thing I and several others saw…

          • CONCERNED PARENT says:

            We just learned this week that there are new judges for barrow and chickens… wonder what this is about?? Don’t know if it will make a difference if the judges are still in the “pocket”of these people we are speaking of. We will not waste our money this year, but will go see the “show” and I do mean literally a show.

            • Always have says:

              They have always changed judges every two years so it’s nothing new. The guy they got to judge the barrows has been here before. If memory serves me correctly, same person you folks are talking about helped with the champions the times before when this judge has been here. It must be a conspiracy or better yet maybe this guy actually knows how to pick out and feed hogs.

              • CONCERNED PARENT says:

                Did any of you see the article in the paper Sunday regarding the show animals that were found to be positive for illegal drugs?? Sounds like we are getting in deeper and deeper. Yep, the competition is a fair one…. if you believe that, I got something else to sell you. Wonder if these parents feel bad that they have ruined their childs fair experience and others also??

                • Amazing says:

                  Yes and the amazing part is that every one seems to think that the drug test was set up in order to catch this same person that you all love to bash and yet every animal he was associated with came back clean just like they did 2 years ago when they tested. It’s amazing just simply amazing. He must of paid the drug test lab off too. I would venture to say he’s not real concerned with your opinion but instead getting hogs ready for the major stock shows.

                  • CONCERNED PARENT says:

                    No, you are completely wrong in your assumptions… I don’t know who was caught doping, so I am not assuming it is the same person I have been speaking of… but it goes to show it is not a fair competition. Crooks and politicians will always ruin what could be fun and memorable times. We don’t even know what animals were tested and condemned, or at least I don’t. But, I do know that anyone with an open mind, if you weren’t a part of the scheme that was played out before our very eyes at the pig show, should have been outraged too. And I know for a fact(have spoken to others, personally, not hearsay) that other people witnessed the same. So, even though it was our first show, I am justified in my thinking… the old rumors and complaints have merit. You cannot trust that all is “fair” at the PWF. I can only assume that you are a part of the problem.

                    • Assume says:

                      You know what assuming does or at least you should. Just spell it out and you will see. It has been a long known thing that the committee was out to get the person you are referring to and once again that person was not caught doing anything wrong. However, it is very odd, that ones that were, have also been some of the main ones pushing for the drug test. As you stated this isn’t hearsay, these are cold hard facts.

      • PARENT OF CH KIDS says:


  22. Elizabeth Thompson says:

    What is defamation?

    Generally, defamation is a false and unprivileged statement of fact that is harmful to someone’s reputation, and published “with fault,” meaning as a result of negligence or malice. State laws often define defamation in specific ways. Libel is a written defamation; slander is a spoken defamation.

    What are the elements of a defamation claim?

    The elements that must be proved to establish defamation are:

    a publication to one other than the person defamed;
    a false statement of fact;
    that is understood as
    a. being of and concerning the plaintiff; and
    b. tending to harm the reputation of plaintiff.
    If the plaintiff is a public figure, he or she must also prove actual malice.


  23. Elizabeth Thompson says:

    Wow… What a negative blog to bring to the community. A place where people can sit behind their computer screen, make up an alias and bash those in the community they don’t necessarily agree with. It is easy to point out mistakes and flaws in others but the real challenge is pointing out your own… and it is real easy to dish out criticism but real difficult being criticized. We are a community, we should be bringing one another together instead of tearing everyone apart. The only thing I want to say to you all that have posted or will in the future is: THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

  24. Sam says:

    Were you at Freedom Fest? Did you see a group of youngish street-preachers? Aggressive young men in their mid-20s, khaki pants, plaid shirts, all wearing back packs and carrying Bibles. May have been in a van with a Bible verse on the side.

    What happened with them? Did they get aggressive with you?

    • c. says:

      Sam, those preachers have been seen making a scene on campus at SFA, as well, on a regular basis. They’ve also recently been escorted off the premesis of Lufkin High School. Google “Church of Wells” and see some of what’s being reported about them. It seems quite unsettling.

      • ialreadyknow says:

        The same preacher that did the service for Israel Keys (the killer from Alaska that was caught in Lufkin that committed suicide) Apparently his family is in the church, and his sister married one of the preachers. The main one has criminal convictions. seems shady to me…

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