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  1. Nicole Meek says:

    I sit back 37weeks pregnant about to pop any giving time. The he band and father to his first born is about to discover life and my husband is locked led up in Nacadgoches county in Texas for a hold for love Oklahoma for court cost and fees. I would understand if he was in there for some something major but please release him so I don’t have to go through this birth alone. Inmate name Herbert Meek please

  2. Sad in this community says:

    We moved here 5 years ago thinking from all the things we’d heard it was a nice friendly community. Great place to raise our kids who are now in high school. We live in a very nice neighborhood too. I have to say, my experience has been anything but pleasant. Only 2 people have actually said “hello” and or “excuse me” in a store. 2. Since I’ve been here. My next door neighbor came over the day we were moving in and I haven’t seen them since. I’ve forgotten their names! The others across the street and everywhere else in this neighborhood are so freaking snobby. I have come to find it that everyone here in Nac is snobbish, upity, judgmental and all just seem to be straight up rude. If I could afford to move I so would. I just don’t understand why people here all seem to be this way.

    • Hang In There M'am says:

      Yes M’am you are EXACTLY RIGHT!! I found out rather quickly and continued to find out constantly over a duration of many years that the vast majority of people ( young, middle age, old, high class, middle class, low class, educated, uneducated, different races, different nationalities, etc ) living in Nacogdoches all are most certainly self centered, unfriendly, purposely have no respect at all for others including thier own “friends” “family”, hypocrites, demean everyone, beyond rude and snobbish, absolutely two-faced, highly judgmental, and definitely care about know one at all but themselves!!!! I can now honestly say that as an outsider looking in Thank the Good Lord!! Me being out from under neath the Nacogdoches Cloud now for a couple years I truly see how the people there are so outrageously abnormal in the most negative ways!!! Its by far not understandable, incomprehensible, and ultimately indescribable!! I wish you the best it can be while you and your family are in Nacogdoches and I will Pray for God to give you and your family the tools and the ability to soon be able to relocate to place full of Joy, Friendliness, Open Hearts, Respect, Smiles, Helpfulness, Considerateness, Great Hearts, and Loving!!!!!

    • Gerry says:

      I’m sorry you have had this experience. I have lived in Nac for 10 years and I love it and the people here. I’d say hello to you if we were neighbors, but to be honest, life gets busy and people have to be very intentional with their time. I go out of my way to help my neighbors, and generally. they return the favor. Anyway, hang in there, we aren’t all rude, you just need to find the right crowd. Come to Grace Bible Church, nicest folks I’ve ever met.

  3. ShouldHaveKnownBetter says:

    Why is it that every college age person in this town is completely clueless and without common sense? It makes me ill every time I encounter these people. I do not understand it, because these people are not much younger than I am yet they act like immature brats everywhere they go. Is SFA just a crappy college? I have lived in many other cities with a large amount of college students, and they were always normal functioning people.

  4. Patricia Cochran says:

    We need a brighter street light at entrance to Old Post Oak Rd and Appleby Sand Rd. And need about 3 street light’s added to Old Post Oak Rd from entrance off Appleby Sand Rd. There are many people walking and kids riding bikes on road and at night on early evening you can’t see them.

  5. Potato says:

    Nac County doesn’t care about your military service. They’re trying to tear apart my family. The whole GOP I’m proud of your service stuff is baloney here. FYI to any military past or present who are looking to relocate.

    • Hmmm says:

      Does anyone really care about military service anymore? I do not think the majority of people in this town even realize we are still fighting a war. All they seem to care about is taking selfies and being the best social justice warrior they can be.

  6. Frustrated says:

    Correction: If you want to walk all you have to do is talk.

  7. Frustrated says:

    You think that is something. How about a person who gets arrested with 3 new felonies and a new Misdemeanor B, with 2 prior felonies, all done in the presence of a minor child, and walks away because the D.A. won’t seek an indictment from the Grand Jury. If you want to talk, all you have to do is talk in Nacogdoches County.

  8. thinks nac county is f'ed up says:

    Can someone explain why one person receives 10 days in jail and another person receives 1 -2 years probation or jail time for the same charge?? That’s ridiculous… Guess the county court docket really shows who snitches if you pay attention to it huh?

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