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1,146 Responses to NacVoice

  1. hap says:

    Heef: It takes a Rooster AND a hen to make chicken. lol

  2. used to work says:

    What ever happened to the ‘BabyDoll’ that was arrested and put into the jail (in the mug shots) and then released by the Sheriff’s Dept. under another dancer’s name while the ‘real’ dancer remained in jail for 14 hours? How come no one seems to be missing her during court? (meaning the real dancer got left in jail, while another woman who the NSD had in there was set free “using the real woman’s name), she has never been in the court, although she was the one at the club apparently the one with ‘drugs’ in her car)??? she was not a dancer. Plus has anyone notices Nacogdoches is still enjoying the money the ‘river’ brings over from Angelina Co?. Back 10 years ago, the college, public schools and yes our taxes were all helped by Angelina’s Co’s desire to ‘go to a b.e.e.r. run. We accepted the money then, and if we allow our so called officials to bully us into this Hwy 69, through my neighbors homes and businesses, we can not complain in the future about ANYTHING.

  3. Abby says:

    I hope that Nac. would consider a possible drug treatment facility that would be accessible to ALL of the drug addicts in our county. Hopefully some of the addicts might would consider making the decision to get some help, grow up and straighten their lives up. It is absolutely disgusting to see so MANY addicts in such a small town. And to know that they are ruining so many peoples lives, other than their own. These people have children and family members that are paying the price in more ways than one because of their weaknesses and addiction. And at the same time there is too many people that have been ignoring, denying and enabling these addicts for far too long!! I also think that there should be stiffer legal penalties for ALL of those addicts with drug related charges on them. Maybe that would make the addicts more apt to considering drug treatment as well. I know that everyone, whether they’re rich or poor, deserves a second chance in life in battling addictions. So, it would be nice to make that chance available to ALL of them. When the habitual drug addicts refuse to participate in having a better or cleaner lifestyle that has been made available, that’s when they need a swifter kick in the a&&, to boot their sorry, self-centered selves out of our county !!! This has just been an issue that has been neglected, and has been needing to be addressed within our county for way too long !!!

    • Gerry says:

      Sorry, there is not room enough in prison for idiotic drug users. Unless they are endangering the lives of others, let them kill themselves with the drugs they use. I agree with the need for a drug treatment center though. :-)

  4. madmilker says:

    It’s never about paying off the debt….

    it’s always about making more….

    The people in the the city of Nacogdoches and the county that runs the so-call government have to be one sandwich short of a picnic and three sheets in the wind 99.9% of the time.

    Bigger Government…..
    Leads to more and more DEBT for the taxpayers…..

    and who’s idea was it to have a lottery for the first two weeks at Lake Naconiche….

    Can’t English come up with another Grant….like having all the “my sh!! don’t stink” stiff-shirt asinine turnips that have milked millions out of the county to just go to Las Vegas for those two weeks on the taxpayers dime and let everyone else enjoy the lake.

    You people that think you are running the government are about as useless as teats on a boar hog.

  5. whats up says:

    thomas kerrs to the expo- — do i smell a rat[ joe english] ?

    • Crazy talk says:

      Look at the proposed budget for next year and tell me that’s not vindictive. Cutting salaries over $500,000, little over $30,000 for vehicles and no budget for equipment like vest, etc…They are setting him up for failure! (Joe English, Jim Elder and Charles “Please read this to me” Killowatt!

    • Insider says:

      whats up, if you only knew the whole story, cutting positions, moving people out of the jail just to save there jobs because there scared that Bridges will fire them. ( the yes people) you know who you are, it just so sad to see what goes on behind the “closed doors”, heck it the citizens of Nac only cared what goes on at the court house and took some real actions and not let the fad 5 lead us into the ditch further, wake up people

      • Billy Dix says:

        Do tell. Fill in the details. Somebody has to start the ball rolling.

        • OU812 says:

          I will tell. Let’s see where to start. Kerss sends 15 people from the Sheriff’s Office to the Sheriffs Conference in Dallas. Now, it costs $200 per person for registration fee, hotel rooms, perdiem and gas if you took your own car. Each person can get about 20 or less training hours during this conference. Let’s see, that’s roughly $3000 for conference fees, I would say he got at least 7 rooms at probably $150 per night for probably 4 nights. That’s another $4000. Now figure $35 per day perdiem for 15 people for 4 days. That’s another $2000 or so. So Kerss roughly spent around $9000 for roughly 300 hrs of total training for 15 people. And we wonder why the budget is in trouble. Now, this money came out of the federal forfeiture fund and not directly out of the budget but it is money that could have been used to help supplement money for equipment or something. He sent secretaries to this conference but listed them as jailers so he could send them. By the way, this fund is not regulated under the “lame duck” rule because it’s federal and not state money. Then he and Claude go to an instructor school somewhere to be certified to teach a homeland security type class, one that most Nac County employees have already have been through. This was a week long school that more hotel, perdiem and fees were paid for. Larry , Moe and Curly, I mean Elder, English and Thompson are fully behind this and are getting their rocks off watching this. I am a county employee but not with the Sheriffs Office (Thank God). Kerss and his cronies have ran some good people off and treat others like bastard children. If you don’t want to believe me, ask for the records from Kerss and look at the wasted money. Well at least he was able to get a small vacation for hisself and some of the other soon to be ex Sheriffs Office people.

          • Crazy talk says:

            I wish you weren’t right, but you hit the nail right on the head and those figures are 100% correct.

            • Billy Dix says:

              Kerss’s showing his true colors? Tapping the county till? Wonder when he will move to Rusk and become an ‘investigator’?

              • Crazy talk says:

                The only thing he’s going to investigate will be something at the Nacogdoches Expo Center, not anything in Rusk.

                • OU812 says:

                  He’s not leaving from this town. I’m sure he has been offered a gravy job. I’m sure the Expo position but not as the manager, most likely an emergency coordinator type job at the new shelter. Wanna talk about waste. They purchase a $500,000 building that’s used for storage and so far nothing else. They HAD to finish the lake project that’s been going on for over 50 years this year. They jump the gun with the Bill Plunkett situation and have to pony up more money and a new position or he would sue the pants off these idiots and rightly so. The emergency shelter may have been on a grant but it did cost the county some money. Now there gonna give Kerss a position at this shelter even though they have Porter Stanaland who is an employee and is more qualified than Kerss. Good ole boys take care of good ole boys. It’s all good folks it’s not their money its yours

          • Insider says:

            All the other departments are laying off people, what’s with the new Secretary at the expo, dosent she still work at the sheriffs dept ? could this be double dipping if it’s true, and why is a secretary needed there anyway, I have an answering machine i’ll give them, try calling out there and see if you can get an person on the line, I called several times last week, just a recorded message.

            • Crazy talk says:

              Whatever you do, don’t let her hold on to your checkbook!

            • NChumanresources says:

              My question is why does the cc allow you to keep your job when you do nothing more than run your mouth and tell everyone else’s business? I guess they can fund the lawsuits with the money they’re saving taxpayers? You need to be put out on your humongous keester and be replaced with someone more qualified, like a twelve year old.

              Come on, cc, get rid of her nosey, miserable, bad attitude spreading self. Let’s see a little less tolerance, please.

  6. heef says:

    No one is talking about Chick-Fil-A? Really? Chick-Fil-A is a hatemongering institution that views the LGBT community as evil. Discuss. Also, I heard from a reliable source that the sandwiches are made from antibiotic filled aborted chicken fetus anus. Wait, I think I read that on Twitter. Never mind.

    • Billy Dix says:

      And YOU called someone else an “idgit”???

    • Gorganne says:

      Nacogdoches and chick-fil-a go hand in hand in their views about the LGBT community. People are soo closed minded in our town, and ironically, they are christians!(who have been taught to love gods ppl[gays dont count as people])


      • Gerry says:

        Sadly, you are confusing love and acceptance with approval. We are Christians and we love all people (or we are supposed to), but that does not mean condoning what God calls abomination. To love someone means to tell them the truth, and that is that Jesus Christ came, lived and died so that their sins could be forgiven. All they have to do is believe that. They are no more and no less sinful than the rest of us, but it does not change the fact that homosexuality is a sin. It is no different than my sin, but it is sin that must be covered by the blood of Jesus. Once they do that, then we can talk about repentance and them turning away from their sin.

    • alrightythen says:

      Its only one mans opinion that works there. Get a grip. Are you trying to say that everyone that works there feels that way?

    • :) says:

      News media has blown this out of porportion like anything else… Most people know that chick-fil-a is a Christian based group who is known for their strong beliefs, thus they are closed on Sundays to allow their employees to attend church… (MY FAMILY SUPPORTS CHICK-FIL-A) and HATE is thrown way out of porportion… people can love people and HATE their choices, as God does… its Biblical… God doesnt force us to choose what we do, its our choice, thats our freedom, but with that freedom becomes the responsiblity of our consequences to those choices… Bible says its an abomination Leviticus 18:22, and further more people have got to open their eyes… Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed with fire because of these same actions… Wakeup AMERICA!!!

      • bubbles says:

        being gay isnt a choice. It is a combination of the way you were brought up along with the individuals DNA. But i wouldnt expect the ignorant christians of NAcogdoches to understand that! Being gay all goes back to the classic debate of Nature vs Nurture. It most definitely is not a choice. Wake up and smell the coffee! If i could choose to be straight I would just so I wouldnt get weird looks from rednecks in that town. Unfortunately for me its not a choice.

        -Actual Gay Person

        • Ha! says:

          Your genes do not control whether or not you are gay. Have you ever taken an actual course in genetics? Probably not.

        • Gerry says:

          I agree with you and understand that being gay is not a choice. Alternatively, being a sinner is not a choice, we are born into our sinful nature. God created a path for us to be unified in relationship with Him through the blood of his perfect son, Jesus. The same blood that covers my sin will cover the sin of a homosexual. You are no less and no more sinful than me, but we both need the grace, love and forgiveness of God through His son, Jesus. Repentance is the next step, but we have to take one at a time.

  7. just sayin' says:

    I heard the rumor today that KERSS is the man in line to get the EXPO MANAGERS job…. wonder if thats why English and his followers had to gid rid of PLUNKETT??

  8. 411 says:

    Hey diddle your trying to play hardball, I think I’ll leave that alone

  9. Redland neighbor says:

    June 14, 2012 at 7:25 am

    What ever happened to the ‘BabyDoll’ that was arrested and put into the jail (in the mug shots) and then released by the Sheriff’s Dept. under another dancer’s name while the ‘real’ dancer remained in jail for 14 hours? How come no one seems to be missing her during court? (meaning the real dancer got left in jail, while another woman who the NSD had in there was set free “using the real woman’s name), she has never been in the court, although she was the one at the club apparently the one with ‘drugs’ in her car)??? she was not a dancer. Plus has anyone notices Nacogdoches is still enjoying the money the ‘river’ brings over from Angelina Co?. Back 10 years ago, the college, public schools and yes our taxes were all helped by Angelina’s Co’s desire to ‘go to a b.e.e.r. run. We accepted the money then, and if we allow our so called officials to bully us into this Hwy 69, through my neighbors homes and businesses, we can not complain in the future about ANYTHING.

  10. Kevin B. Koonce says:

    Saturday Morning, July 14. I drive down to Shirley Creek to give a Game Warden some information, because they seem to not be able to do their job without my help. There is a Nacogdoches County Deputy named Johnson blocking my lane of travel talking to Shane Minshew. I stop and he refuses to move. I motion for Shane to come and the dumb ass deputy comes and tells me to go around. I ask him for his name and tell him I will go around. when I come back by there he is still bullshitting with Shane Minshew and has the lane blocked, so I call the Nacogdoches Sheriff’s Office Dispatcher to get the number for Lufkin DPS, and those dumbasses don’t even know it. EAST TEXAS LAW ENFORCEMENT AT ITS FINEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Really says:

      I am pretty sure that the Game Wardens can do their job just fine without you, and if they cant why dont you become one that way you will get paid for doing their job. You seem to be a little off. Going from Game Wardens to NCSO deputy then to DPS in Lufkin. There is this great new invention called that can get you almost any kind of information yourself. Maybe the dispatch shouldnt be used as a information service and you should look it up.

      • just sayin' says:

        …thinking those same game Wardens should follow someone home and check out the conditions going on there… better watch who you piss off Mr. Koonce… sometimes it backfires on ya….

        • Kevin B. Koonce says:

          If the Game Wardens had been doing their jobs, Don Willis from Huntington, would not have been selling thousands of pounds of fish from J.T. Lowery’s Fish Camp for the 5+ years he has been at the camp. He has a secretive list he sells to, and probably did it before he came to our camp. These poachers steal from our lakes, and diminish our resources for the future.

    • heef says:

      If a deputy tells you to go around, you go around. You don’t _tell_ him/her anything. You do as you are instructed. And I agree; I’m pretty sure Nacogdoches County has it figured out without your help. Additionally, of course they didn’t give you the number for Lufkin PD. They are a law enforcement agency, not Ma Bell. Pick up a phone book, or better yet, use the white pages app on your Apple iPhone 4S to find the number. Idgit.

      • Dude says:

        We the taxpayers pay the salaries of these men and women. If this deputy was truly blocking traffic for no good reason, a citizen certainly has the right to ask them to move.

        A badge and a gun does not give one the right to be a jack ass!

  11. 411 says:

    Keep watch on your wives and daughters in martinsville

  12. hap says:

    Oh, all the drama that IS Nacogdoches/Central Heights. I love reading everyone’s comments on this page. Keep it going, Everything Nac.

  13. Mike says:

    Thanks ” an observer”. I am up to speed now.

  14. prayin' that it starts a rainin' says:

    Not only is it finally friday but we may get some rain too!!!
    Praise God what a wonderful combination!

  15. Mike says:

    I guess I am out of the loop. Who is the preacher at C.H. they keep talking about? Also, the letters I read from the writers from C.H. are almost unreadable. Bad spelling and grammar.

    • just sayin' says:

      …you’re right Mike… you are out of the loop, we are not commenting at this time, because we are all in ENGLISH class learning how to spell… geez… I guess you have nothing better to do! Go teach a class where your criticism is wanted…

      • an observer says:

        Mike, this is all about criticism on here so go ahead and ask your questions and comment on whatever you like. It’s called the First amendment… lol
        And to catch you up to speed a little. I’ve learned all of this from reading and asking questions myself…
        One church, aka Pleasant Hill, had a split a while back and those that left joined together and started another church, aka Family of Faith Church. The preacher of Family of Faith (Todd) is the former preacher of Pleasant Hill that also left during the split. From my understanding since the newly formed church had nowhere to meet they asked the Central Heights School Board if they could use the facilities at the school. The school board voted and it passed (not sure on the numbers yet of that vote). The school superintendent and one or two of its board members attend Family of Faith and I know at least one board member attends Pleasant Hill. So it’s been a word war between the two churches ever since. I haven’t heard or read anywhere that it caused problems within the school board though… Then the coach (Fuller) gets reassigned and the community starts uproar about it blaming Family of Faith and the superintendent and select board members that attend said church. Even though the board members ALL voted for the reassignment. Yes even the one from Pleasant Hill church. Not saying it’s a bad thing to support a loved coach and teacher but you know how all these arguments are handled by the public (everyone thinks they know everything when clearly and logically they do not). As one poster stated “no one but the board members and the coach can know EVERYTHING that was discussed in the closed door meeting”. So that boils down some AND THEN some of the citizens (Pamela Russell and her son Phillip) from the community were arrested and charged with several different drug related charges. Well it happens to be known that the husband/father of these citizens is a school board member. So now the Central Heights community is jumping on that story. This site and many more are very interesting reads because you can watch over several days time all the comments and put so much together that the story is basically laid out there for you. Keep checking back from time to time and see what else is posted. This is a brief synopsis of what I have gathered thus far…

        • Stand for Something says:

          Fairly accurate information. It should also be mentioned that said Church pays the school $400.00 per month for the use of facilities. However as of this Sunday the Church will no longer be meeting at the school. I have monitored this site with interest and managed to keep my mouth closed when the facts against friends have been unfailry stated. It would also be worthwhile to mention that most members of new church have remained silent while these accusations have been hurdled….Just a difference in class…

          • an obsever says:

            Thanks “Stand For Something”. Do you know where Family of Faith will be having their services now and why exactly they have chosen not to continue meeting at the school? I’m just curious and would find it very disheartening if all of this drama has caused a newly formed church problems because people are so hateful to one another.

            • Happy says:

              Family of Faith is now having services in University Baptists family life center. It is on north street behind valvoline express lube. Come join us. Sunday service starts at 10:30. We have contemporary music and this gives us the opportunity to witness to college young people also. Again if you want to see what we are about then come visit. Would love to have you.

  16. just sayin' says:

    To:” lets tell all” …….The reason that “CH Parent” isnt commenting on The Queen of CHeights, is probably because she isnt getting signal behind all those bars…. and I think it would be another felony if she had a iphone in the jail…. just sayin’

  17. Central Heights Taxpayer says:

    After reading the article today about Travis Russell’s wife and son being arrested I thought that Travis should have taken his attorneys advice and not made any statements. I was amazed that he would make comments about what a good person Pam was and that his son was working on his second degree at UT…… I’m sure he loves his wife, but there’s definitely a difference between being loved and them BEING A GOOD PERSON…. He acted like she had accidently picked up the wrong bag of groceries at Walmart instead of what she was actually charged for……And his son might be working on his second degree, but somewhere along the way he very apparently didn’t learn anything about personal ethics and doing what’s morally right. Mr. Russell and the school board need to take a step back….If a person has no idea what’s going on in his own home how can we expect that he’s fulfilling his responsibilities as a school board member effectively…! His resignation should be forthcoming and the bronze plaque in the hallway dedicating the new gym to him should also be removed…. That dedication should have been for a member of the past of present teaching faculty……. Or was money a factor in that dedication????? I’m sorry, but “Good People” are NOT “Drug Dealers”!

    • just sayin' says:

      You are absolutely correct….. and as much mud as this woman and her husband have slung in this community, I think they should be banned from setting foot on the school grounds! Whats that saying about KARMA???

    • NoOneIsPerfect says:

      “Do not judge, for you do not know the storm I have asked others to walk thru, Love-GOD”…judge no one, because you never know what could happen to you.

      • just sayin' says:

        …I know for a fact that you will not see MY name in the newspaper under the title “DRUG DEALER”… its not a matter of judging……

  18. Nacnative says:

    The Daily Sentinel has changed their Best in Nac criteria I guess…. Used to they had ballots in the newspaper. I don’t know how they do it now? I know I’ve seen businesses that have won this year that never have, and some I’ve never heard of.. My business has won 6 times in the past and got 2nd twice. This year didn’t get anything. I think its a joke now…..

    • from nac also says:


    • Billy Dix says:

      So since you didn’t win, it must be rigged?

      • FROM NAC ALSO says:


        • Billy Dix says:

          From Nac Also, What did you win? A rigged contest? Tell us what you won. In case it confused you some, because my comment was directly after yours, I just want to point out my question was to Nacnative who was complaining that he/she “didn’t get anything” in the Best of Nac contest.

          But you are obviously proud of your wins six years in a row (and probably for good reason) so I’m sure you’ll let us know what category you won.

          • from nac also says:

            yes sir i do belive it is rigged. its all about who will spend money with the sentinel. and no i wont tell you what category im in. but thanks for asking.

    • Gerry says:

      I’m sorry you lost, but not many folks are going around looking for those stupid signs and choosing a place of business based on them. Congrats on the 6 years you did win, do you feel the award profitted your business?

  19. lets tell all says:

    CH PARENT why dont you coment on your friend and her son being busted for drugs,mention where they attend church and talk about their preacher? you coment on everything else that goes on in C.H.

  20. Debbie Clark says:

    OMG! I went to see “Steel Magnolias” at SFA Theatre last Thursday night and was in complete awe with the professional acting, costumes, & setting. I would recommend for everyone to see this play. I snickered, laughed and cried my eyes out. Please ladies go see this! You will be impressed!

  21. Confused says:

    I have always used Critter Cuts to groom my dogs, they have always done a great job, and my dogs love them. Then this other grooming shop opens up across the street from Critter Cuts, which I think is down right rude and totally unprofessional. Anyway, I passed by going to work and the new shop has a van out front, with a wrap that says, “Best Groomer in Nac”. Seriously, I’ve honestly never seen anyone there and I was shocked. But, yet you always see cars coming and going at Critter Cuts. So, I started talking with some friends and one told me that Critter Cuts was booked, so she thought she would try the new shop. But, won’t make that mistake again. He was more expensive and didn’t do as good a job. Another told me that she, too, had always used Critter Cuts and he was booked on a certain day, so she called the new shop. She said he ask, “where she normally got her dog groomed” & she said, “critter cuts” and he wanted to know if ahe would be using them in the future & she said, “yes”. He wouldn’t groom her dog. So both of my friends now have standing appointments at Critter Cuts and they never have to worry about getting an appt. Because they get a call the day before, with a reminder. But anyway, how did this other place get Best Groomer, when it’s apparent he has little business. He must have got on line or bought all the papers and voted for himself. After all he’s already shown Nac that he is rude and unprofessional.

    • Dayna Banks says:

      I guess anyone can just wake up one morning and decide to hang out a shingle that says best dog groomer………..but, it doesn’t make it true…. James at Critter Cuts does a wonderful job on Lacey, Callie and Miracle and is always so thoughtful to remember to give me a “heads up” the day before…. Our “girls” are pretty when they come home with their little bandanas around their necks….. Keep up the good work, James!

    • Gerry says:

      One can only assume from your raving review of Critter Cuts, that you either work there, own it, or are friends with them. A little competition is good for the economy. If Critter Cuts does a great job then home boy across the way will have to step it up to get business.

  22. A Mother says:

    I consider today, a sad day for our country.

  23. ANONYMOUS says:


    • Graves Bail Bonds says:

      Hope it was us!!!!!! If not just happy to know that people realize they have choices.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have used Debbie’s Bail Bond Service, they were friendly and just as quick to get there as Luberjack’s. I was a frequent flyer in my past. Thank goodness I haven’t used any of them in quite some time now!! Good luck with your Company Also Graves, but i honestly can say I hope to never use any Bonding Service in the future!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I also noticed that the intake was in bad shape when the water was low. There is nothing to keep people or whatever from being sucked in. Seems like the city is setting themselves up for a lawsuit.

    Concerned citizen

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