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1,146 Responses to NacVoice

  1. Watts says:

    I noticed some kids jumping off the lake Nacogdoches intake this weekend. I told them the intake gates were rusted away. The intake tower was in terrible shape when the lake was low. Now someone is going to get sucked in because of the city’s negligence. I wish they would just fix things when they are broken rather than just talk about it. Local government is becoming as retarded as the Feds. Look how much money was blown on the goodman bridge when we are running out of water.

    • Lake Lover says:

      Contact the City Police Department. They are responsible for patrolling the lake. Let them know and I am sure they will take appropriate action.

      • Billy Dix says:

        The police department is going to fix the intake gates?

        • Lake Lover says:

          Sorry I didn’t mean to confuse anyone. The Police dept. will check it out and notify the appropriate department to make the repairs. Is that better?

          • Jim says:

            I saw the Tower when the water level was low, Scary, Not just a lawsuit in the making, someones going to get dead.

  2. CH ISD says:

    Whats going on with CH ISD ? The only coach that has went to state in any department is coach Fuller . Now the yes man supt has reasign him . Which one of his friends will get that job or will it be his preacher. They have got the school board stacked so they can get what they want, the school is so political know . Coach Harrin better watch out are he will be next the girls basketball coach will have his job.

    • CH ISD ALUMNUS says:

      I went to this school K- 12 served on the school board for many years and always based my vote on what was best for the whole school not just a select few. The member know can’t say that or the supt , its time to get back to doing whats right not what a select few want. The supt is a good man but he is not the man for the he has to many string attached to him. ITS TIME FOR A NEW SUPT

      • WHATSRIGHT! says:

        This is true.. we need a new superintendent that doesn’t play politic games and doesn’t try to please a few parents within the school. If school board doesn’t agree, then they are playing the same game and need to be removed as well. These parents and the superintendent are running good memories for a lot of kids within our community so these choosen few. If the rule apply’s for 1 parent coming on school campus then it applies to all school employee’s family members! TIME FOR CHANGES WITHIN OUR DISTRICT!

        • CH Parent says:

          I to know this is true. I went to the school last year to watch my child practice basketball i was told i could not stay . And at the same time the girls coachs father was watching his other child practice. You see if you have more money to give or give discounts to a select school employees or board members from your store you get special treatment.

          • CH Parent says:

            If you feel that someone on the school board,supt,or school employee at CH ISD . Has been bias or done someting unethical voice it here .

        • Nacnative says:

          Changes are needed in our district, this is not the good old small CHISD, you used to know! The first thing we need to do is stop ALL transfers! I don’t care how much money you have, if you don’t live in CHISD, you don’t go here. Nac rejects have filtered into our school system and what do we have, a school that is too big! The smaller the better when it comes to education, sports, and everything else. The sad part is, having gone to CH myself, wife went there, both kids go now, I’m so fed up with the crap that goes on at that school I’m about ready to send my kids to Woden! Can you believe that, lots better than what we have now!!

    • group with sense says:

      I doubt the preacher will take it so don’t worry yourself to death over it and lose sleep. Best thing to do is keep tempers in check and see what all comes out and how it all unfolds. Cooler heads prevail.

      • CH Parent says:

        I know for a fact that the preacher and the newest board member has been planning to get coach fuller fired .Before he was made a board member and they had that puppet on a string . ( JEREMY GLEAN )

      • all in the end says:

        from the sound of things what’s being said around town looks like the best thing that could have happened, given every thing, has happened. sorry for the loss of our coach but we got to start standing up for what’s right. I don’t care how many wins he has. the team will keep on winning because our boys have hearts and skills. a winning team doesn’t die because one person leaves and it has been those teams that had victory, not just coach fuller. i wish him luck finding a coaching job in the future and i hope we have as good a replacement to help keep the winning tradition.

    • yeah says:

      you are aware that EVERY schoolboard member voted the same, right? There wasn’t a split vote in any way. If the Super and every board member all felt the same have you stopped to think that maybe there’s something not being told? Maybe there was more than what KTRE or The Daily Sentinel knew to broadcast or print… just a little something to consider before jumping off on the rant next time.

  3. hap says:

    Now that the local elections are about over and Bill Plunkett has a new assignment, what else can we b**ch or fight about?

    • Come Monday says:

      instead of fussing and fighting, let’s all get behind Travis Clardy in the run-off for our state rep seat.

  4. just sayin' says:

    It makes me sick to hear about all the underage drinking, fighting, and drugs that have invaded CAMP TONKAWA!! And NOW, I see that there has been a deadly accident…. WHEN IS SOMEBODY GOING TO PATROL THIS PLACE???? You take your life into your hands if you even THINK about driving close to this place on the weekends…. why are there not sheriff officers out there waiting for all these drunks when they are leaving?? They sure sit at Polks waiting for the clubs to let out!!! just sayin’……….

    • just sayin' says:

      I feel sorry for the ONE security guy out there…. do the people that own/run this place really think that ONE man can control that many people?? It used to be an awesome family oriented place, but now, you cant have a good time because of all the hoodlums and drunks out there… what a waste of a beautiful place!

      • cupcake123 says:

        I agree with you!!! I wish the Camp was a safe place for families and teens to hang out minus the Drunks and Fights!!! The owners need to be more aware of the things that go on there and CLEAN IT UP!!!

    • LL says:

      What I want to know is why didn’t the officers at camp tonkawa take their keys from them? They did speak to them. Afterall, aren’t they there to serve and “PROTECT”?

      • Sg says:

        It’s not camp tonkawa’s fault people are stupid and go out and drink. Be responsible and don’t point fingers.

      • CG says:

        It’s a shame that people think you have to drink to have fun. I’m a firm believer that where there are going to be alot of children, drinking should not be allowed. This was suppose to be a family place to go. But, I don’t carry my kids out there and don’t want them going with anyone else. I had to go pick someone up down there, once and it made me sick what I saw. But, again, it’s about the almighty dollar, that they make. I’ve seen it time and time again, where there is drinking, there is fighting. There have been many wrecks on 1087, a majority are coming from the camp and alcohol is almost always involved.

  5. nac citizen says:

    Since the ‘former’ sheriff made sure that a news crew was on-hand to video and report on all the BabyDoll employees were even arrested, Is there going to be a news crew on-hand at the Nacogdoches courthouse when the verdict is not-guilty. It’s only fair that the NSO has the chance to admit they were wrong in accusing these citizens, and they were placed under false arrest (almost a year ago—yes taxpayers, a year).

    • Guido says:

      I bet they don’t even cover it. Maybe we can invite the media out for the ribbon cutting of the new and improved Baby Dolls.

      • nac citizen says:

        What ever happened to the ‘BabyDoll’ that was arrested and put into the jail (in the mug shots) and then released by the Sheriff’s Dept. under another dancer’s name while the ‘real’ dancer remained in jail for 14 hours? How come no one seems to be missing her during court?

  6. Billy Dix says:

    Wow. What a great night for the law abiding citizens of Nacogdoches County! Now, it’s time for Thomas Kerss to really step up and show that he has some honor and integrity.

    Time to offer to resign and help with a smooth transition and early start for Bridges in the SO.

    Do the right thing, Mr. Kerss.

    • voter says:

      I resent that implication that anyone who didn’t vote for Bridges is not law abiding citizen.

      • Billy Dix says:

        No, and quit acting like a child.

        Bridges will work just as hard for every citizen no matter who they voted for. I am very confident in that. Let’s put the hurt feelings aside and the imagined insults and start working to make Nacogdoches County better.

        Let’s ask Thomas Kerss to step up for Nacogdoches County and do what’s right and offer to resign and let Help Bridges with a smooth transition.

        • Come Monday says:

          there is still unfinished electing to do–we need the state rep to be from Nac, looking out for SFA, etc. All the Bridges and Kerss people can do the county a favor by getting behind Clardy.

          • Billy Dix says:

            Clardy doesn’t seem to like to get out and work much. Haven’t seen him out and about. Very few signs. Who’s backing him?

    • pct1 voter says:

      Billy Dix it was a good night and its all going to get better here on out .But were is all the BRIDGES basher know? I hate rubbing it in but we told them what was going to happen.


        Don’t forget a lot of us former staff and dancers from Babydolls supported and voted for Bridges too. Not because we agreed with everything he has done but mainly to vote out Kerss!

        Bye bye Kerss! Your political stunt did not work as you planned did it?

    • Tommy BeGone says:

      WOW!!!!! There is an old saying that what goes around comes around……I love it when it comes back around. Thomas has done so many people wrong for such a long time it is nice to see it come back to him.

      • Anonymous says:


        • Billy Dix says:

          What are some examples of the wrongs Kerss has delt out?

          • Sparky says:

            Why would you want to know? The election is over. Mr. Bridges won. Find another topic.

          • Tommy BeGone says:

            Well let’s see. most recently he demoted Doug Richardson from Chief Deputy to Investigator so that he could promote his buddy Terry Masten to Chief Deputy. Doug was given no reason for this other than Thomas wnted to make some peronnel changes. No write ups, no complaints, or anything. He just felt like it. When you treat people bad it catches up to you eventually. Between his mismanaging and his wife’s antics I am surprised he got as many votes as he did.

      • Billy Dix says:

        Often the real bad acts don’t come to light until after the election and there is less retaliation to fear from an incumbent Sheriff. If you have something of substance please disclose it. The Feds may be interested.


    What about brad and all his dope headed friend do the get a free ride!! If you have money in nac that means you do. If this was meth or crack we would all ready know who was involved!!

  8. Nac Resident says:

    Centralized dispatching:

    I was told the other day that County Judge Joe English decided to centralize the dispatchers to the City and have one dispatch for all Agencies in Nacogdoches County. I think that this is a wonderful idea, and would streamline services and make response times less. It would also give ALL the Agencies the ability to communicate with each other.

    • Concerned says:

      Centeralized dispatch can be a great thing when done properly. However the way they are going about it it will be a huge mess. By grouping dispatch under one agency the dispatchers will have to choose one agency over the other to be their primary concern because they wont want to lose their jobs. For the county officers and county fire departments I feel this will have a negitive effect on their response times, because out of fear for their jobs they will concentrate on the city offices more.

  9. we haven't gone away says:

    Is there any ‘new’ perspective on the way the Nacogdoches Sheriff’s Dept. mis-handled the arrests of some of it’s citizens during the Babydolls raid? So far, there have been numerous court dates held to ‘review’ the facts with each of these former working people. This is being largely done without the general publics knowledge (which of corse is taxpayers money), simply due to the fact; that by admission the county officials cannot even agree on what the charges even were for. As this situation was created to show what a great job could be done to eliminate the county of…what? In his own statement, Mr. Kerss is quoted as saying, I do not believe that the people of the county wish us to ignore this ‘eyesore’, blah, blah. Without the sign– is a non-descript building. Kinda like the HEB? This was a ploy to ‘up’ votes before an election; which has failed miserably and as such they (Kerss) are hoping it will just go away. Like so many things over the years unless you take the time to find the facts and see the BIG picture. Apparently, the dis-gruntled employees of Babydolls had a better grasp of our RIGHTS than our local law enforcement did.

    • Free Country says:

      Don’t forget that Kerss and Bridges were both in on this “bust.” (pun intended) It seems they CAN agree on one thing – using the power of their offices to control others’ lives for their own political gain. We must also realize that these unconstitutional laws were passed by county officials. We, as citizens and voters, have the right to REPEAL these laws and vote in elected officials that respect our individual rights and sovereignty over our own bodies.

    • Cushing Voter says:

      If I am not mistaken I believe that business was in business after Thomas got into Office and he didn’t try to shut it down then…….

  10. Local Yocal says:

    I’m so tired of the local elections. All the signs are nothing but eyesores. There should be limit on how many and where they can be posted. When it is all said and done many get left behind. I don’t care who you vote for just clean up your signs!

  11. Cushing Native says:

    Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Race:

    I hope with all my heart that the citizens of Nacogdoches County elect a new Sheriff on May 29th. I say this not because I have any type of ill will towards the current Sheriff, but because he has not done a satisfactory job in several years. I do not care for what his wife did 2 years ago at the graduation, but that was her not him, and she is not running for Sheriff thank God!!!

    Jason Bridges brings a fresh perspective on the issues that affect each and everyone person in Nacogdoches County, and I feel that he will get the job done better, and more efficiently than the current Sheriff. I for one do not wish to see my tax dollars thrown away any more, and I hope that others feel the same way. I know that there is a very large contingent of voters in Cushing that will not support the current Sheriff.

    • Cushing Voter says:

      Amen to that!! I was at the graduation that night and personnally witnessed the events. I will not be voting for Thomas due to alot of reasons, but the pepper spraying episode was the final straw. I think that Jason can do a better job. Even if he doesn’t it will be better than what we have now.

      • CH Voter says:

        The sheriff dept needs to be cleaned out there is alot of dead weight just seating around including the sheriff him self. I will be voteing for Jason Bridges

    • Billy Dix says:

      It’s always interesting that whenever someone questions the effectiveness of an elected official or a public entity how their supporters are quick to claim that you mist have some personal vendetta against them.

      Plenty of people can see the SO under Kerss has become stagnant, ineffective and that it’s the fault of an overly complacent sheriff. Nothing personal. Kerss was much better back in his prime. Some elected officials get wiser and better at their jobs as they age and become better experienced. That just hasn’t happened with Kerss and it’s obvious to everyone except a few hard core Kerss supporters.

      We need a new Sheriff in Nacogdoches!

      And, if the new Sheriff doesn’t act right we can vote him out, too!

      • NAC COUNTY VOTER says:

        Some of the deputys are there to do a good for the county.And the other ones are to lazy to do something else .

  12. Nac Libertarian says:

    Gary Johnson Criticizes Obama for Throwing Gay Marriage to the States
    May 10, 2012

    “Instead of insisting on equality as a U.S. Constitutional guarantee, the President has thrown this question back to the states. When the smoke clears, Gay Americans will realize the President’s words have gained them nothing today, and that millions of Americans in most states will continue to be denied true marriage equality . I guess the President is still more worried about losing Ohio, Colorado, North Carolina and Virginia than he is in doing the right thing. What is the President saying — that he would eat a piece of cake at a gay wedding if the state the happy couple lives in allows it ?. Where is the leadership? While I commend him for supporting the concept of gay marriage equality, I am profoundly disappointed in the President.”

    • Dude says:

      I don’t understand? Wouldn’t Libertarians agree that this issue should not be a government issue?

      • Nac Libertarian says:

        Good question, Dude. Here is another quote from Gary Johnson on the issue of marriage equality. “Gay marriage equality is a matter of equal rights under the Constitution. Denying gay Americans the same benefits of legal marriage under the law as those enjoyed by straight couples is discrimination, plain and simple. Fairness has to apply to all Americans equally.”

        Philosophically, the State shouldn’t be involved, especially if it is a religious institution. Here is how I see it: marriage is a largely a religious ceremony. The state recognizes this as a legal contract. People who are not religious may still get married by a civil servant. The state recognizes this as a legal contract also. Where is the problem here?

        The problem lies in each side asserting its view onto the rest of us by way of government force. The religious want to force their (usually biblical) view of marriage into non-religious civil ceremonies. Gay rights activists want to force their views of unconventional relationships into acceptance by using government to redefine an ancient societal tradition.

        Let’s not force politics into our religious ceremonies, and let’s not force religion into civil unions.

  13. hap says:

    The County of Nacogdoches has for years paid the City of Nacogdoches about $10,000 a year to respond to calls outside the city (especially rescue calls). This was done long before federal grants wasted our tax dollars buying expensive new trucks for VFDs. Most of the VFDs in this county do not have a problem with NFD responding to major calls such as structure fires and major accidents. It seems mainly just one VFD chief has a problem with it. Who elected him to speak for the other 16 VFD s in this county?
    The city firefighters are better equipped and better trained and are near their truck ready to respond 24/7. Volunteers often have to respond to the station, get a truck, and then go on the call. This delay can be deadly in a serious fire.
    As for me, I prefer the NFD to be on the way even if it turns out that they are not needed. What the county pays them is money well spent and averages out to only a few bucks a call each year. It does not even pay their fuel bill for what they do.

  14. New to Town says:

    Why does the City of Nacogdoches Fire Department respond to calls outside the city limits? That just seems silly to me. Isnt that why there is VFDs all over the county? Whats the purpose of having a VFD if the city is just going to take the call anyway without being needed?

    • alrightythen says:

      If it is your families life on the line would you still ask why? We do have capable VFDs in the county but they also have members that work other jobs too. That may be some of the explanation. I am sure there are many more that we are unaware of.

      • New to Town says:

        But what if my families life is on the line and when I call it takes them that that much longer because they are on another call in the county

        • Billy Dix says:

          Good question. Just look how fast it was for the sham “life on the line” comment to be thrown at you.

          • alrightythen says:

            You have obviously not had your life on the line before to call that remark a sham.

            • Billy Dix says:

              Oh it has been and probably will be again just to give you the right to speak freely. But I have to always wonder about someone who always pulls that card.

              • alrightythen says:

                What card do you mean? The only card here is you. People get in danger everyday and its no sham at all. Either add to the dialogue in a responsible adult manner or butt out. If you agree with New then say so. Just because I don’t does not make my remarks a sham.

                • Billy Dix says:

                  Jumping right to the ‘life on the line’ cliche is a sham. Raising the worst case argument immediately is just disingenuous.

        • alrightythen says:

          That is why they have 5 stations New. By your reasoning, if I see an old woman on the side of the road with a flat tire I should just pass her up because there may be another one down the road with two flats.
          The FDs go on an as needed basis. If a call goes out they respond. If another goes out same thing.
          You say you are new to town. Where you are from the FDs dont work together? Does it also bother you that the VFDs cross boundaries to help others out?

          • New to Town says:

            I’m not saying that’s at all. That’s just it they have five stations with 1 crew at each station they send two crews and 1 bat. Cheif to every wreck or what ever in the county. Say there is two calls in the county at the same time. That leaves 1 crew to put my house out if it catches fire and that’s not what my tax dollars are for. As for where I’m from we have a county wide volunteer department that do just as much training if not more.

            • alrightythen says:

              So you would prefer the NFD respond only when YOUR family is in danger?
              I know that is not what you mean but some can take it that way. That is why the city responds to every call they are needed on…including your family. 40 years ago there was only the city for the whole county. The VFDs were formed to help enhance the fire protection for the county. The city has a plan I am sure for those issues you are worried about. Maybe you should find out for sure if you are concerned.

              • Billy Dix says:

                That’s what he was trying yo do, smart aleck.

              • New to Town says:

                My issue is they go when they are not needed.

                • alrightythen says:

                  How do they know if they are not needed unless they go? Isn’t it better to err on the side of caution?

                  There has never been a problem with the cities response to the calls inside the city before and I don’t see there being one in the future either.

                  • New to Town says:

                    As a former Firefighter there I do not see the need for the fire department to run way out in the county to decide weather or not they are needed. There were plenty of times that we ran mutual aid out in the county but we did not go unless we were ASKED to respond. I understand the county contract is for car wrecks only that the city will run with EMS. Once again if the volunteers are already there there is no reason for the city to show up and take command of a scene unless asked. I have personally seen where they just show up and take command, and thats not right.

        • alrightythen says:

          If the FDs are arguing among their selves about who is in charge then that is an internal problem between those depts. They should get that worked out.
          I am still not convinced about the city not responding to the county. You have stated that volunteer FDs struggle with money. The city FD does not ask for more money to run calls in the county (dont think so anyway) so that should be free help to the VFDs right? Why would this be a problem for them?

    • Billy Dix says:

      The VFD’s have a lot of good people who are trying to do the right thing but they have gotten entirely out of control with the ESD’s. Most people are intimidated to confront the scam artists who are often found working these ESD’s for all they are worth at the taxpayer’s expense.

      I’d really favor doing away with all the ESD’s and just extending the professional FD across the county. ESD’s are, largely, a tax boondoggle and effectively without any real oversight.

      • alrightythen says:

        If the people of the VFDs are mostly good people (your words) then why would they try and scam the taxpayers?

        IMO, anyone that puts their life on the line for little or no money is OK in my book.

        • New to Town says:

          Mr. Dix the concept of the ESD is a great concept. Where I come from the VFD are “Supported” by their communties. This equals about $5000 per year. That wont even begin to cover the fuel bill for the amout of calls ran not to mention the amout of training that is reccommended by the state. I do agree with you that they can become corrupt but so can anything else.

          And to alright…the people them selves are not the ones that are corrupt in the vfds its a few people that ruin it for everyone as can happen with anything.

          • Billy Dix says:

            That’s exactly why their full financials need to be online. So the public can keep an eye on what is being spent, to whom and for what.

            • New to Town says:

              I agree Mr. Dix but that needs to be put on the ESD board not the indicidual FDs

              • alrightythen says:

                You seem to be more in the know than when you first posted. I am confused though. You say that the ESD board should post the financials. Does this mean that the ESD board writes the checks for the fuel and light bill? If not then how will they ever get that info except from the ones that do write the checks?

                • New to Town says:

                  I Know how things worked where im from. That being said the way ESD worked where im from a member from the ESD board was suppose to attend the monthly meetings of the departments in the ESD. That way they know where the money is going and they have thoses records.

            • alrightythen says:

              All this talk about ESDs and I decided to look them up and see what they are all about. It appears that the total budget is online for all to see at the Texas Dept of rural affairs.
              Click the third link to see what the budgets are for the ESDs in Nacogdoches county are. Its not the full financials but gives you an idea.

          • alrightythen says:

            I totally agree New. I even said as much in the second line. I have lived all over the county and have had several VFDs serve me in one way or another. From putting a fire out to medical calls for my parents and even once a FF from Linn Flat helped me out when I was broke down once. He was coming back from a call and took even more time out of his day to help another person.

    • Sparky says:

      I guess you have no clue what the word “volunteer” means. There may not be anyone who can respond from a VFD. Would you still want to know that helps is on the way? I would.

  15. enoughalready says:

    kerss has demoted several people as of late , not only a chief deputy and 2 sergeants, but other staff as well. kerss is running scared ….for good reason. the old saying about kharma is a biitch…….turnabout is fair play…you reap what you sow…….where here you go thomas kerss……..may 29th……you will be repaid !

    • Cushing Native says:

      I know that Sheriff Kerss has done a very bad job at employee retention. I can think of several Officers that he has let go that have gone on to other agencies. He simply does not seem to care about keeping trained experienced Officers at the Sheriff’s Department. I hope there is a change on May 29th.

      • sweetjustice says:

        just because you have been trained to do the right thing doesnt mean that you do it. A good administrator trie to re-train and if that doesnt happen and you are causing the county more problems than solutions – you should bee let go.

  16. Nac Libertarian says:

    Libertarian National Chair, Mark Hinkle, released the following statement:

    “While everyone needs revenue, only criminals and politicians insist that they have to get it through violence. The criminals, however, do not pretend they’re doing it in order to serve the public, and taxes make politicians public masters rather than public servants.

    “Certainly, the present size of government at all levels depends on taxation – not only the explicit kind, but the invisible kind that the Federal Reserve System imposes through inflation of the money supply. People probably wouldn’t voluntarily pay to bomb, invade, and occupy other countries, bail out large banks and other corporations, and try to dictate the personal choices of others. Good riddance! Government-monopolized services such as education and health care could be provided for less than half the cost if they could be returned to the voluntary sector of society with cost-raising regulations abolished and incentives restored. Both mutual aid groups and charitable donations filled gaps prior to the rise of the Welfare State for those in need with an efficiency that is impossible when those in charge of aid get more money and power for themselves the worse the job they perform. We’ll have to take some personal responsibility for our own lives and stop using the excuse Ebenezer Scrooge made that his taxes supported institutions for the poor so he could ignore them.

    “It is obscene for those claiming to protect life, liberty, and property to obtain their revenue by violating life, liberty, and property. There are plenty of ways to obtain revenue without force: insurance, user fees, advertising, lotteries, and donations are already used by many local and state governments for a good portion of their revenue. Let them be true public servants and live within the means that these sources provide. People might even pay more voluntarily once they’re no longer forced to turn over 1/3 to 1/2 of their wealth to governments.

    “Ultimately, it is about the type of society we want to have. We can accomplish a lot voluntarily when we mutually respect each other’s lives and property. It begins by respecting the right of people to keep the fruits of their labor. A good start would be the abolition of the personal income tax, which only adds insult to the injury of theft by invading every part of the taxpayer’s privacy as well as making the second week of April a misery instead of a time to enjoy the early spring.”

    Happy tax day!

  17. hap says:

    I just don’t want to be shopping at the Farmer’s Market for tomatoes and melons and keep having to look at my feet to see if I stepped in something. Why not put this “doggie park” on Maroney Dr. where the swimming hole used to be? Let those folks smell it.

    • Responsible owner says:

      The dog park will be fenced and furthermore responsible dog owners pick up after their dogs. Dog parks usually provide bags and receptacles for disposing of waste.

      The dog park will probably smell better than the existing human restroom that is already there.

  18. Anonymous says:


    • Bob says:

      And the reason Chatman got off is because the search warrant by Pct4 was defective and the judge had no choice to throw out the evidence…Instead of throwing out crap about political signs, why not report what you see and maybe it can be handled right…Neither signs nor headlines make good police work…

      • McGruff says:

        A judge signed the search warrant. It wasn’t defective. Why don’t you go find the judge that signed the search warrant and tell him he’s defective. That’s the only way a search warrant is obtained is by being reviewed by a judge.

        • Anonymous says:


        • Bob says:

          And a judge relies on the information given to them by the requesting agency at the time the warrant is requested. This warrant was found lacking only after the bad search was conducted and people sat in jail waiting for the system to expose it. But you don’t ready about that part in the canned press releases…

          • McGruff says:

            If the warrant was bad and they had to drop charges on Chatman, why did they let his co-defendant take all the charges? They dropped charges on Chatman after the co-defendant claimed responsibility for the drugs.

            • Bob says:

              Not true again, check facts…Warrant thrown out before other defendants’ case was done…The part of that case with warrant was also tossed for that defendant it’s all public record if someone pays attention and not just read headlines of press releases…

              • Anonymous says:

                The address was wrong the dope was there and a large amount of money .A he has been saleing dope for years .Its time someone put a stop to it. Sound like he got your dope man!!! And he will get it again along with the rest of his click just watch and see.

              • McGruff says:

                I did check Bob. She got probation and a clerical error was made on the search warrant, which made the Judge want to suppress the evidence on Chatman prior to trial. The evidence obtained for the warrant was just fine. Guess Chatman got lucky on that one.

                • Anonymous says:


                • Bob says:

                  Evidence gotten illegally is not just fine…Tell you what, how bout we make that “clerical error” and put your address in there, let people break your door down at 3, 4, 5 in the morning and see if you’re still so blasé about things. Police doing good work is great, when some cut corners, it hurts the whole system…

                  • Free Country says:

                    Well said, Bob.

                  • McGruff says:

                    You’re funny! It wasn’t some random persons address. They ran two search warrants that night. The search warrant for Chatman’s house had his co-defendants address on it because they went to her house after his house. Word Perfect got them. Cut and pasting. It wasn’t like they fabricated drugs or searched an innocent persons house.

                  • Billy Dix says:

                    Bob, it’s real easy to never make ‘clerical errors’ when you never make cases or arrests just answer calls and tell victims there is nothing you can do about it,

      • Billy Dix says:

        And the SO went to a jury trial on a felony assault of a deputy in their own jail by a prisoner and could not get a conviction. Now in a case like that if they couldn’t have their ducks in a row something has to be rotten at the top of the chain of command.

        Also look at the escapes from the jail. Kerss has no respect from the jailers or the inmates or even most other law enforcement in the county.

  19. hap says:

    $2500.00 for a drinking fountain in a DOGGIE PARK??? What is the City of Nacogdoches thinking? A DOGGIE PARK??? Who’s lamebrain idea is this?

    • Casper says:

      Most dog parks get more use than regular parks.

    • Nac Resident says:

      I don’t really think it is a lamebrain idea. Most larger, dare I say “progressive” cities have them. It is a wonderful place for people who have dogs to get out and enjoy the outdoors without having to travel far to do it.

      • Dude says:

        Not that I am really in favor of government spending or taxes, but….

        Not everyone plays tennis or disc golf and the parks provide these amenities. Livingston even has a skateboard park. So if taxes are funding all of these things, why not a dog park?

    • Kevin B. Koonce says:

      Clearly, you are an IDIOT, hap.

  20. Donutlover says:

    If Kerss is so well loved and everyone likes him then why is it that 75% of Nac county deputies dislike him and the way he runs things

    • Concerned Voter says:

      Because he is in the practice of using someone until there is nothing left and discarding them. Or, when someone doesn’t echo his thoughts about a certain issue.

      • sweetjustice says:

        Apparently you dont know the Sheriff very well. If you have been “used”, (we call that an active, dedicated employee) by the Sheriff’s department you will stay there forever. The Sheriff is certainly not one that want’s a “Yes” man, he is open to any and all opinions, his door is always open. He has no problem explaining his thoughts and listening to yours. You may not get your way, because it cannot always be about “YOU”, it has to benefit the county, but he does listen!!

        • Concerned Voter says:

          Actually I know the Sheriff very well. When you say active dedicated employee you simply mean someone that says yes to him alot. The thought about whether it is good for the County never enters the equation. If he always did things that were best for the County then this conversation would not be taking place.

    • Nac Resident says:

      After getting to know the current Sheriff I agree with Concerned voter’s response. The Sheriff seems to be in a downward spiral that is his own doing, I don’t think the fiasco in Cushing has helped his cause any. Look into the past if you wish to see where you are headed……

      • Cushing Native says:

        I personally witnessed the tragic event at the Graduation and I can say without a doubt that there was no need fro the pepper spray.

    • Bob says:

      75% really? I’d like to see the poll you took to get that number…Hmm, Steve Jobs was an egomaniac but Apple has done ok…A boss does’t need to be loved to get the job done. The question is who is the better person for the position…Politicians are liked, look where that has gotten the country…

      • Cushing Native says:

        I don’t think the people at Apple put thier lives on the line evry day for Steve Jobs. The current Sheriff has a proven track record of not caring for his employees. As someone who knows the current Sheriff very well I will have to say that he has not only become a very big disappointement to myself and numerous others, but he has also become an embarrasment as well. I supported him through the years, but do not feel that he is the most qualified person for the job anymore.

  21. Sparky says:

    Why do I see so many arrest for things that used to be just a ticket? Driving without a seat belt. Shouldn’t that be a ticket? Driving with an expired drivers license I can understand if it is expired for a long time. I just wonder if there are other circumstances with these charges or is it really just that. Does anyone else think this may be a little too harsh, taken to jail, photographed and locked up?

    • McGruff says:

      They’re probably warrants. If they make it to warrant status and the person gets arrested for it, they show up as the original traffic violation.

    • Free Country says:

      Good point. A politician writes something down and – POOF – it’s a law and we better comply! No consideration for individual rights, no thoughts on the purpose of laws in society, no concept of the idea of liberty and personal choice. It’s just control for the sake of conformity, and in the name of the “common good” whatever that is.

    • Local Yocal says:

      It’s an arrestable offense now to drive with an expired license, no warrant, no other tickets period. My license was 10 days out of date. Lost my license for 30 days had to pay $250 to the local court and $300 a year for three years to the state. Still paying till this day…..

  22. Local Fire on 21 east says:

    Melrose Vfd and Chireno Vfd responded to a grass fire on 21 East. See Melrose Vfd Facebook page. Thanks

  23. Local Fire on 21 east says:

    Melrose Vfd and Chireno Vfd responded to a grass fire on 21 East. See Melrose Vfd Facebook page.

  24. you already know says:


    • What The says:

      Amen to that

    • Knows VOTER PCT 1's Motive says:

      Agreed. I posted about something that stood out to me, which was the fact that Bridges spends a lot of time in other counties, his cases are weak and that he lied about his budget not changing since he took office and was attacked by “Billy Dix”. I, in turn, entertained the argument and shouldn’t have. I support Sheriff Kerss, because of what he’s proven that he’s capable of. I spend a lot of time investigating issues because I want my choice to be based on facts. Mine is not a “personal issue” because either way it won’t affect me. My “issue” became an argument when Dix refused to give me an example of what Sheriff Kerss had fallen short on, but justified where Bridges had told lies or himself, “fallen short”. At that time, I realized that Dix is no more than someone who is disgruntled with the sheriff and no amount of proof will change his bitterness. (There are reasons that I chose my “post name”, but I’ll not disclose them one here. The poster I’m referring to will just have to try to remember who they’ve run their mouth in front of.)

      • Billy Dix says:

        You have sure run your mouth in front of a lot if people. You’re just a bitter ole woman who can’t stand it when her boy gets put in his place.

        • Knows VOTER PCT 1's Motive says:

          You’re so far off your mark. You need to stop riding around with Bridges and his CI girlfriends. I think the smoke is causing you to hallucinate.

      • Concerned Voter says:

        I’m a concerned voter in Nacogdoches county and would like to hear the facts myself! If you have done so much investigating of the issues to base your facts on lets hear them. I happened to be in Lowes a week ago in the lawn dept. and was talking to an employee that said he use to work for Sheriff Kerss but was let go due to the fact that he had a Jason Bridges sign in his yard. I would hate to know that my employer would fire me due to my opion of who I wanted to back or vote for. That is why this is a elected postion if your not getting the JOB done, move over and let someone else in that will! I don’t know but just maybe Brigdes is in other counties due to all the meth. and drug bust they do and one bust leads to another. I will say that since Bridges has taken office that I have seen a change and if he can do what he’s doing with what little he has now, I would hate to be a bad guy once he get the budget and resources that Sheriff Kerss has and is not putting to good use!!

        • McGruff says:

          That one person you talked to at Loews isn’t the only one that has been fired due to putting a Bridges sign in his yard. Ask a Sheriff’s deputy what Kerss did to his Chief Deputy a few months ago if you really want to be shocked!

          • A Mother says:

            This is an example of the way Nacogdoches County really works. When I say “county”, I mean the entire system. It’s nothing but a “money wheel”, used mostly for personal gain, at the personal expense of Nacogdoches “County” residents. I do not know about now, but not too long ago, the “county”- could not pay their bills if their own residents were not being arrested/charged with something, anything-to generate fines. If you were completely innocent, it still cost you. Jason Bridges seems to have good reason to arrest/charge the people that he has, at least he does have evidence of some kind and it’s not just “trumped up” and fines are being paid by those who need to pay. Anyone who is caught with any amount of drugs is not innocent.

          • Anonymous says:


            • McGruff says:

              Sat him down one morning, thanked him for his service, told him he was doing a good job, but the Sheriff wanted to go in a different direction. So, he moved him to a detectives position, cut his pay by around $7,000 a year. Then, promoted an old newly hired friend from evidence clerk type job to Chief Deputy. This guy had just retired from another agency. I guess he doesn’t trust to many people right now. And no, I don’t work for the SO. An SO employee told me about it and I thought it was crampy. Pretty rough pay cut on a guy with young children at home.

        • Concerned Voter says:

          Just another questions that I would like for Sheriff Kerss to answer! At the last debate I attended he spoke about serving on serval committes I believe he said one was the Sheriff committee where he speaks and travels for. Is this something that the tax tayers of Nacogdoches are paying for? And if so, how is this benefitting Nacogdoches? Or is this being paid for by the tax tayers just to make him look good?

          • Billy Dix says:

            That is a good example of Kerss spending Nacogdoches tax money outside the county! And, he didn’t even clear a crime!

          • Concerned Voter in Nac says:

            I wonder if his wife went to the Sheriff Conference at the expense of the Nac. Co. Taxpayers in 2011? If so, it is a waste of our money to train an non county employee.

        • Concerned Voter says:

          The more I speak to people the more I find out that Kerss just doesn’t seem like the right man for the job. I stopped for gas in cushing and someone told me about an incident with Sheriff Kerss’ wife at a ball game and her pepper spraying several people over a verbal disagreement. This was swep under the table due to who she was.

          • Knows VOTER PCT 1's Motive says:

            Actually, it was after the game and the Attorney General’s Office handled it, so there could be no conflict of interest. But had there been something “swept under the table”, looks to me like it’s the ones doing the sweeping that needs to be voted out of office and not Sheriff Kerss, who chose not to be involved at all. It just shows his ability to separate family and work. Had it been my wife, I doubt that I could have had the will to stay out of it. (What are the people in Cushing doing, just waiting around for people to pull up to the pumps so they can talk about the Sheriff’s wife?)

            • Concerned Voter says:

              No, if it was my wife and I had that position. I hope that my wife would be able to take the higher road and walk away from a situation. Which in the end no one would win!

            • Concerned Voter says:

              As far as the people of Cushing talking thats something you should talk to them about! Is that not Sheriff Kerss’s home town?

            • Billy Dix says:

              People all over the County have realized Kerss needs to go. He will be soon.

              • Knows VOTER PCT 1's Motive says:

                He will be re-elected. Bridges just might be the next sheriff, but it will be after Sheriff Kerss decides that he no longer wants to hold that position. Sheriff Kerss does a good job and the people of this county like him.

                • Billy Dix says:

                  Not many like him. As will be shown in the election.

                • Concerned Voter says:

                  Lol, Sounds like you are real confident in his relection! Almost as confident as Sheriff Kerrs was in the beginning when he said he wasn’t worried about Bridges winning the election!

            • NOT THOMAS says:

              She was out of control and ther Sheriff did not get involved so that he would not haver to arrest his own wife…….She wants everyone to think that she was in danger, but the people in cushing know the real truth.

    • Michael says:

      you already know

      I think we do live in one hell of a county myself. I have worked all over this state and country and still call Nac my home. When I cross the Angelina or Atoyac my pulse slows down just a bit and I feel calmer.

      You are correct about the bashing has got way out of control on here. I know everyone wont agree all the time but there is a way to stand up for what you believe in without all this. I think both Kerss and Bridges are great people. ANYONE who will protect and serve are OK in my book. They don’t do it for the money and that says a lot about ALL of our law enforcement personnel. same goes for our men and women of the fire dept too.

      Vote the facts and your conscience and leave the slander and libel to other cities.

  25. hap says:

    What? Nothing about the Nacogdoches Rodeo & Steer Show March 22-24, even in the Calendar of events? Someone is slipping.

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