Municipal Court Open House

Media Contact:
Amy Mehaffey
Communications & Main Street Director

The Nacogdoches Municipal Court will be hosting an Open House event on November 7, 2017 beginning at 10 a.m. This event will allow the public an insight on how the court functions and what the role of the court is within the city.

Mayor Shelley Brophy will be presenting a proclamation, and the court will present a video, The Role Of The Municipal Court, from the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center. City Attorney Jeff Davis will be speaking. This event will be open to the public and local media.

“If there was one thing the public should know it is that this is their court, and the city and court employees are working hard to keep the court running efficiently and that we are accessible to them,” stated Hollie Langston, Associate Judge.

It is important that the court be transparent to the public and the residents of Nacogdoches know and understand the roles the employees play. It is also important residents know procedures and functions of the court, both during and after court procedings.

For more information about the Nacogdoches Municipal Court Open House, please contact Amy Mehaffey at or (936) 559-2572.

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