The Fredonia Hotel to receive KNB Landscape Leadership Award on Tuesday at 11 a.m.

Media Contact:
Katie Blevins
Executive Director
Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful
P.O. Box 633030
Nacogdoches, TX 75963

c6849d0e-a30f-4175-832f-af29668abcf9Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful will announce The Fredonia Hotel and Convention Center as a winner of the 2017 Landscape Leadership Award during an award presentation in the Hotel Fredonia lobby at 11 a.m., Oct.17, 2017, located at 200 N. Fredonia St. After the presentation, members and guests of the Garden Capital of Texas Committee will enjoy lunch at the 1st City Café.

The Landscape Leadership Award is a quarterly award that recognizes the efforts and leadership of businesses in Nacogdoches that beautify their community. A full list of award winners and a nomination form can be found at

The Fredonia Hotel is located in downtown Nacogdoches and will be recognized for creating a colorful landscape that is in keeping with the period of the hotel’s restoration and carrying the design concepts outside to the variety of plant selections set in interesting patterns that add architectural features to the entrance, the courtyard, and the parking areas.

“We are so thrilled that we have been selected to receive the landscape leadership award,” said Ryan Russell, director of special events at the Fredonia Hotel. “We are very proud of the beautiful landscaping on our property.”

Nacogdoches city and county residents may nominate any business located within the Nacogdoches city limits to receive the Landscape Leadership award. Deadlines for submission are March 15 for spring submissions, May 15 for summer submissions, October 1 for fall submissions and November 15 for winter submissions. Special consideration may be given for use of fantastic color and native plants, as well as emphasis on water conservation and pollinator garden features. The landscape leadership recognition program is an initiative of Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful and The Garden Capital of Texas Committee.

About Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful
Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, volunteer organization that promotes beautification, waste reduction and litter prevention through individual responsibility across Nacogdoches County. Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful is a local affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful. More information about Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful and current programs can be found at

Additional Contacts:

Angela Weiderhold, Garden Capital of Texas Committee
Phone: 936-552-6060

Ryan Russell, director of special events at the Hotel Fredonia
Phone: (936) 564-1234

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