December 13 UPDATE: Coach Farshid announced his retirement from his position at NISD (POLL AND COMMENTS)

     Recently, Coach Farshid announced his retirement following a difference of opinion with the school board.

     Farshid’s policy is any student caught with drugs, alcohol or arrested is off the team for a year.

     The NISD school board believes the policy is too strict, and kids who get in trouble should get a second chance following a couple weeks of punishment.

     Tell the EverythingNac community below any thought you might have about the situation. No login is needed to post.

Which punishment do you side with for kids caught with drugs, alcohol, or arrested?

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70 Responses to December 13 UPDATE: Coach Farshid announced his retirement from his position at NISD (POLL AND COMMENTS)

  1. Concerned Mom says:

    I hesitate to go public with our story because we own a small business and my husband doesn’t think it safe to get involved, but I have a story to tell. What I’m really in need of is a good attorney that would be willing to take on a class action suit against the district. I can almost promise an out of court settlement due to the unfair treatment of 4 black students. Certainly since 3 white students received only 1/3 of what these students received and were not even drunk. One was really not involved except she didn’t tell on the other 3 students. Any attorney’s out there interested in hearing their story????

  2. Kenny says:

    I think that Coach FOSH shouldn’t be repalced due to all this mess, if it were any other student that wasn’t friends with or related to Mr. Rocco Sr. then it would be big punishment to those people, but no, since Rocco did that his dad came and got him and he pretty much just got a slap on the wrists, when others would be banned from sports for a year or out of school suspension for a long time.

  3. Christian says:

    Players should know the difference between right and wrong, its pretty sad that they have to get caught with that mess in the first place, exspacialy when they are under age…they get what they deserve…

  4. Know The Law says:

    A person commits an offense if he purchases an alcoholic beverage for or gives or with criminal negligence makes available an alcoholic beverage to a minor. (minor = under 21)

    A person may purchase an alcoholic beverage for or give an alcoholic beverage to a minor if he is the minor’s adult parent and he is visibly present when the minor possesses or consumes the alcoholic beverage.

    An offense under this section is a CLASS A MISDEMEANOR.
    (= confinement in the County Jail for up to 1 YEAR and a fine of up to $4,000)

  5. Tom says:

    Coach Farshid may be a wonderful coach, but I think a year suspension for a first offense is too strict. For a senior, this is the equivalent of a death sentence. Many teenagers will experiment with alcohol/ drugs, but a one or two game suspension would get most to toe the line.

    • Concerned Mom says:

      I was discussing this policy to my son who is a junior and I was telling him that maybe the year is harsh due to what happens if the student is a senior. I fully expected him to agree with me, however, he interrupted me to tell me that there is a simple solution…don’t drink. I realized that my son is right in his thinking. He also reminded me that all the athletes’ understand the consequences and made a conscious choice to break the rules. He is also in the athletic program and chooses everyday not to get involved in anything that would jeopardize his opportunity to participate. Those students had the ability to make the right choices as well. Countless students before this incident broke the rules and paid this same price. You can debate how fair/unfair it is but bottom line…they shouldn’t have been bold enough to show up to a dance drunk. I was there chaperoning and these students were very drunk. Throwing up in the bathrooms, etc. I can positively tell you that only 3 out of the 12 that were involved were caught because the group dispersed and got the hell out of dodge. Admin knew they were running and did nothing to stop it because they were trying to limit/protect these kids because of who they were. If the NISD police hadn’t detained the three that were caught, they would have gotten away with it as well. Admin was not interested in truly catching all of the culprits. Everyone knows that you never get caught the first time, so its a pretty good assumption that this was not the first time for most of these students to get drunk. There is a bigger problem going on in the personal lives of these students and their parents need to wake up before its too late. As the mother of a son who is an alcoholic, I can speak from experience. He is 29 now and had drinking issues in high school. I disciplined him but protected him for the most part thinking he would “grow out of it”. The real trouble began when he went to college. I would encourage these parents to not make excuses for their child and seek professional help asap. This is not a child hood prank and needs to be addressed or larger problems are looming and the justice system is not going to make exceptions for them as this school district did.

      • BIG T TRUTH says:

        You mention 12 people “involved,” and that only 3 of the 12 involved were caught. Only three students were caught; whether they were drunk or not is debatable, perhaps they just didn’t lie when asked if they had been drinking. To assume that because they had something to drink, they were drunk, is absurd. Far more than 12 students were under the influence of some substance at that dance. Do not be surprised; it is nothing new. But please, when you say that you were present at the dance and saw vomit in the restrooms, don’t put that on the three students that were caught. Too many people WERE drunk (severely intoxicated and impaired) at that dance to assume it was the few who were caught.

        I commend your kid on his choices and I commend you for conditioning him ahead of time to make those decisions. But reality is: kids are going to experiment–and that doesn’t mean it should end their educational careers.

        • Concerned Mom says:

          You are right, I don’t know that it was the 3 students caught that threw up in the restrooms. My son was in there when one student was throwing up and it smelled strongly of alcohol and that student was NOT one of the 3 that were detained. Personally, I thought they should have put the dance on lockdown and breathalized every single student there. That would have been the fair and equitable way to really know who was and who was not. I also didn’t notice any other students appearing to be under the influence by their behavior and believe me, I was looking closely. I do believe that anyone who was guilty left that dance, which was the smart thing to do if you were looking to avoid trouble. I also agree that we shouldn’t be trying to ruin their education. Not at all. I just don’t believe that playing sports is ruining their education. They should be spending their extra time working on themselves. Sports, band, etc are all extracurricular activities that should be earned and not assumed. I feel badly for these students and their parents, however, punishment needs to be fairly administered to ALL students regardless of your skin color or economic socio status and I know for a fact that it is not.

  6. Gee Whiz says:

    Mr Hays you have messed in your nest and in your mess kit ! Just push “it” aside, snuggle up with the stench and keep on eating.

  7. "Facts" says:

    Who really has the “facts”? I see that there is much speculation, but did any of you see the Rocco kid hiding in an office or see Sr. “sneak” him out that night? Doubtful. I’m not a supporter of either side, I’m just concerned that the “facts” everyone refers to are hearsay. I do not doubt for one second that Rocco Sr. would make an attempt to pardon an offender. They would not have to be his blood for him to do so. They would have to; however, be in his favored group.

  8. Cindy says:

    So happy to see FOSH doesn’t fall into the Good Ole Boy trap. He is so above. A great man that will NEVER be replaced. The joke of a replacement in Dennis Parker. He’ll never hold a candle to Coach F. Obviously, he (Parker) says whatever Hayes wants him to say.
    They are total trash and should be run out of town
    Maybe the truth of the folks who don’t have control of their own children will come out some day.

  9. Erin F. says:

    Coach Fashid is an excellent example of an exemplary District employee, coach and Athletic Director. 30+ years of not only coaching students but also engendering positive values such as integrity and perseverence in students should be acknowledged and valued.

  10. kenneth says:

    Ok, lets think about this one for a minute. A student athlete caught with drugs, alcohol, or arrested gets suspended for a year and this is what the handbook says will be the punishment, then the AD upholds the punishment for the infraction and Rocco complains to Superintendent that punishment is too strict. So AD gets reassigned ??? and this is not to strict ? I have known the coach Fosh for 30 years and he was strict on me too but he may have very well made the difference in my life. He took an interest in me , even though I wasn’t a soccer player and let me know he was alwys there if needed. If it were up to me, I would send the Super packing and replace him with Fosh !!! The NISD would definately benifit from that. I would venture to say you wouldnt be investigating coaches for furnishing alcohol to minors or inappropriate relations……

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