NacVoice: Wildfire Updates, Community Comments

      The community is welcome to share information and updates in the comments on this page about the wildfires. This will give the community a central place to post updates, donation information, and anything else that can be shared. This can be anything related to fires in the Nacogdoches County and the surrounding areas.

Helpful Links:

NCSO: Wednesday Fire Update

Active Fire Map For Texas

Wildfire Evacuations: Here’s What to Bring

NCSO: Tuesday Fire Update

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9 Responses to NacVoice: Wildfire Updates, Community Comments

  1. Old Tyme says:

    Does anyone know which roads are still closed today as of Thursday?

  2. admin says:

    For those asking about where to drop of donations, they can be taken to the command post in Douglass, the VFD in Lilbert, or the Sheriff’s Office and we will deliver them. A special thanks goes out to all the tireless volunteers, firefighters, and law enforcement who have been working these fires none stop since Saturday.

  3. Fires says:

    fire on 1218 at 2nd bridge at sacul

  4. Zapps says:

    More people are being exacuated. Is the end anywhere in sight?

  5. Smokey says:

    Does anyone know anyone who lost their home in this fire?

  6. Hop two says:

    Has anyone heard an update on the 343 fire?

  7. Johnny boy says:

    Do we know who is looking for donations?

    • Anonymous says:

      yes..over 10 of the now unemployedd. dancers from babydolls. sorry for missp0elling…our house is on fire due to helping our neighbors. go to and help us get our job back.

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