NCSO: Tuesday Fire Update

     Angelina River Bottom Fire: at this time approximately 3500 areas has been consumed in Nacogdoches County. The fire continues to burn and is uncontained. The fire is approaching State Hwy 21 and as a result State Hwy 21 is closed to vehicular traffic between Douglass and Linwood. Motorist attempting to travel between Alto, Douglass and Nacogdoches should seek alternate routes. No residents have been lost at this time, but this fire continues to travel in a southern direction at a substantial pace. We anticipate the fire will reach State Hwy 21 within the next 1 to 2 hours and may cross State Hwy 21. Please ask motorists to avoid this area.

Thank you,
Thomas Kerss

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  1. Anonymous says:

    NOW… I am getting in my car to evacuate 4 women and their my house. From Babydolls who are homeless.

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