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indexToday marks an exciting time for all of us in Nacogdoches with the opportunity to embark on a new dimension of health and wellness with the launch of the “Functional Health Awareness Series” hosted by MyMD Select and The Functional Perspective.

Developed in response to an increasing demand from individuals looking to uncover the root cause behind their health concerns. An approach which looks to the underlying systems and how they are functioning with an emphasis on whole-body health. Empowering individuals through educating them on the hidden stressors and triggers of illness and chronic health issues.

“It has been thrilling putting this information together, the opportunity to be able to share practical, life changing information to the community is very exciting,” says functional health practitioner Salena Rothenbeger, CHC, CFMP , “Up to this point sufferers of chronic ailments have been left in the dark about what is going on inside their bodies, this is about to change.”

The upcoming series kicks off Tuesday, December 12th at 6:30 PM in the conference room at CBH Insurance located at 108 E. Hospital St in Nacogdoches, Texas. Functional Health expert Salena Rothenberger, CHC, CFMP, and the team from MyMD Select, Dr. Jeremy Smith and Jay Marsolan, FNP-C will delve into the core principles of Functional Medicine, what it is and how it can help you and your family on your journey to renewed health.

For more information about the event visit: or contact Salena at 936.463.0272

For information about MyMd Select visit:

For more information about The Functional Perspective visit:

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