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Faculty Service Awards —

10 yearsStephen F. Austin State University faculty members were recently honored for 10 years of service to the university. Honorees included, from left, Eric J. Jones, Kinesiology and Health Science; George E. Avery, Anthropology, Geography and Sociology; Susan Pruitt Ballard, Nursing; Mikhail S. Kouliavtsev, Economics and Finance; Carol J. Athey, Nursing; Leonard Jay Thornton, Kinesiology and Health Science; Elizabeth B. Gound, Secondary Education and Educational Leadership; Patricia Ann Berthot, Kinesiology and Health Science; Jeffrey C. Brewer, Art; Mary Stephens Olle, Human Sciences; Brian Murphy, College of Liberal and Applied Arts; Leslie G. Cecil, Anthropology, Geography and Sociology; Neal W. Cox, Art; Esther R. Bunn, Accounting; and Scott Shattuck and Addison Himes, College of Fine Arts. Also honored, but not pictured, were Alan Ivan Baily and Cindy Lee Davis, Government; Dana Cooper, History; Elizabeth Tasker Davis and Ericka A. Hoagland, English and Creative Writing; Layne Leann Debardelaben, Human Services; Cody Wayne Derouen, Management, Marketing and International Business; Robin Keng Sullivan, Mathematics and Statistics; and Ryan Phelps, Economics and Finance.

20 yearsFaculty members recently honored for 20 years of service to Stephen F. Austin State University included, from left, Tina Atkinson Oswald, Library; DawnElla Marie Rust, Kinesiology and Health Science; Molly C. Smith, Multidisciplinary Programs; Roy Joseph Harris, Mathematics and Statistics; Matthew McBroom, Forestry; Patrick M. Jenlink, Secondary Education and Educational Leadership; Perry D. Moon, Languages, Cultures and Communication; and Carolyn Davidson Abel, Elementary Education. Honorees not pictured include Charles Frederick Abel, Government; Gregory Keith Miller, Mathematics and Statistics; and Kirsten M. Nelson, Music.

30 yearsAwards for 30 years of service to Stephen F. Austin State University were recently presented to faculty members including, from left, Richard J. Herzog, Government; Richard Arnold Berry, Music; Ali A. Piran, Physics, Engineering and Astronomy; Cathy R. Henderson, Management, Marketing and International Business; Deborah E. Bush, English and Creative Writing; Freddie Lee Avant, Social Work; and Garland Simmons, Economics and Finance.

retireeFaculty members retiring from Stephen F. Austin State University were recently honored for their service to SFA. Honorees included, from left, Tim King, Music; Michael M. Pickard, Computer Science; J. Keaton Grubbs and Tim Clipson, Business Communication and Legal Studies; Dale Perritt, Agriculture; John Moore, Chemistry; Nagalapura S. Viswanath, Communication Sciences and Disorders; and Ann Ellis, Library. Retirees honored but not pictured were Wynter M. Chauvin and Alan Sowards, Elementary Education; Pedro Escamilla, Languages, Cultures and Communications; Richard Langley, Chemistry; Becky Price-Mayo, Social Work; Molly C. Smith, Multidisciplinary Programs; and Hosein Hosseinpour, Mathematics and Statistics.

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