January 3 Recent Arrests/Mugshots

These arrests are not convictions.
They are the arrests made in Nacogdoches County recently.

Felony 1 and 2 arrests

Wendi Lee Ainsworth, 02-01-82, abandon/endanger a child

Bryan Lee Fancher, 09-16-65, aggravated assault causes bodily harm

Michael Dewayne Watts, 12-02-71, burglary of a habitation

Clifton Benard Age, 08-26-85, possession of marijuana, >50lbs <2,000lbs

Kira Lasha Age, 08-26-85, possession of marijuana >50lbs <2,000lbs and failure to identify fugitive

Detony Demonte Dunn, 08-11-91, possession of a controlled substance >400g and disorderly conduct

Jose Gregorio Mendoza, 05-10-71, possession of a controlled substance >200g <400g

Melissa Rosha Washington, 03-18-70, aggravated assault date/family

Other arrests

Kraton Dorell Chatman, 06-07-90, possession of marijuana <2oz, failed to maintain financial responsibility, and two charges of motor vehicle inspection violation

Kevin Edward Cook, 09-01-76, burglary of a building

Timothy Edward Evans, 01-14-82, warrant other magistrate

Jermaine Levon Lewis, 08-22-84, driving while license invalid

James Edward Murphy, 09-18-68, operating unregistered vehicle and failed to maintain financial responsibility

Tommy Joe Mosby, 04-11-78, theft property >$50 <$500

Paul Brian Motes, 06-05-68, indecency with a child

Quincy Dewayne Pleasant, 08-30-83, assault by threat

Marcus Dan Rodrigues, 1-29-76, theft property >$50 <$500

Steve Allen Strickland, 09-11-55, driving while intoxicated

Samuel Ethan Thompson, 02-11-89, evading arrest and driving while intoxicated

Rochanda Nicole Wyrick, 09-23-86, public intoxication, driving while license invalid, warrant other magistrate, operating unregistered vehicle, failed to stop designated point, and failed to maintian financial responsibility

Ontavian Todd Edingbyrd, 01-15-71, false alarm and warrant other magistrate

Jose Jesus Franco, 05-08-87, driving while intoxicated

Horacio Santoyo Guitierrez, 09-09-78, driving while intoxicated

Mario Alberto Hernandez, 01-24-91, assault bodily injury

Nazario Hernandez, 07-28-51, driving while intoxicated

Jonathan Lewis Lacy, 12-01-79, public intoxication

Oscar Omar Lopez, 08-29-82, driving while intoxicated

Juan Martinez, 06-24-54, public intoxication

Crystal Rocha Aldaco, 06-06-93, driving under the influence

Jessica Danielle Anderson, 02-07-81, driving while intoxicated

Freddy Arcos, 04-30-87, driving while intoxicated

Eugene Bolden, 02-24-64, assault by threat

Howard Cole Brister, 11-26-65, failed to identify

Jeffrey Bryan Collins, 07-09-84, driving while license invalid

Tyrone Cook, 06-27-79, driving while license invalid, public intoxication, and open container

Juan Carlos Cruz, 12-01-84, motion to revoke probation

Carol Lee Depaepe, 05-04-75, theft <$50

Shannon Marie Eastwood, 11-04-73, public intoxication

Blake Hunter Foxworth, 09-16-91, possession of marijuana <2oz

Virginia Rheanne Grant, 01-17-85, two charges of bail jumping

Calvin Wayne Hall, 05-23-88, two charges of motor vehicle inspection, public intoxication, two charges of assault by threat, bail jumping, and failure to stop designed point

Edward Dewayne Johnson, 11-14-62, possession of marijuana <2oz, possession of drug paraphernalia, and two charges of theft <$50

Martin Laja, 02-18-91, driving while intoxicated

Amber Lee McDaniel, 02-25-86, theft property >$50 <$500

Larry Ray McDonald, 06-09-62, theft <$50

Jesse Dwayn Murphy, 08-31-64, silent abusive calls to 911 and public intoxication

James Michael Self, 08-20-81, speeding, evading arrest, and resisting arrest

Edward A Sharrer Jr, 09-02-87, parole warrant

Pamela Marie Whitaker, 10-20-71, two charges of motor vehicle inspection, two charges of operate unregistered vehicle, two charges of failed to maintain financial responsibility, no driver’s license, and driving while license invalid

Kaalob Levi Fleming, 07-23-88, driving while license invalid

Tyvinsky Vonsehell Lampkin, 05-21-86, assault by threat

Jason Harvey Lee, 11-22-80, assault by threat and public intoxication

Howard Paul Lewis Jr, 12-12-73, motion to revoke probation

Jamal Lavon Rogers, 06-11-87, driving while license invalid

Marvin Anthony Sanders, 08-23-60, assault causes bodily injury family violence

Marsha Kay Spinks, 11-03-72, forgery financial instrument

Cory Gen Stewart, 08-20-74, burglary of a building

Jerrard Suell, 01-04-91, two charges of no driver’s license and two charges of failed to maintain financial responsibility

William Charles Sweat, 07-14-57, open container

Ronald Edward Button, 12-31-54, driving while intoxicated (3rd offense or more)

Tennis Cranizes Davis, 01-11-63, criminal trespass

Terrance Demound Barnes, 10-21-80, motion to revoke probation

Kevin Devaun Cooper Jr, 02-13-90, deadly conduct discharge deadly weapon and driving while license invalid

April Linda Dodd, 06-26-72, failed to maintain financial responsibility and expired operator’s license

Darrell Ferinand, 09-08-85, driving while license invalid

Ronald Dale Murray, 10-09-59, parole warrant

Deronald Cordevrian Norris, 12-03-86, two motions to revoke probation

Sebastian Keith Reed, 09-30-72, public intoxication

Dominique Ladella Tolbert, 06-29-78, drove without secured safety belt, failed to stop designed point, and two charges of speeding

Hugh Scott Weatherly, 04-23-70, drove without secured safety belt, operating unregistered vehicle, and failed to maintain financial responsibility

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