Public Meeting Slated for Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan

Media Contact:
Brian W. Bray
Director of Community Services,
Historic Preservation Officer
City of Nacogdoches, TX

The City of Nacogdoches will be hosting a meeting held on May 1, 2017 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM to discuss the latest status and direction of the City’s upcoming Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan as a part of the #CityofNac Discussion Series.

The new master plan is still in the drafting and review phase, and public input and feedback is needed to determine what ideas should be of highest priority in the near term once the plan is adopted.

This event will have an informal format so visitors may come and go at any time during that period. “We have had great participation from a wide array of people in Nacogdoches, but I know we have not heard from everyone in the community. This open house is set up to catch people who might not come to a public meeting or into a designated room, but are willing to stop by for just a few minutes.” Brian Bray, Director of Community Services, explained.

Panel displays will be set up in the lobby of the Recreation Center/Library where people can leave comments or visit informally with the consultant or staff. Those wishing to hear a brief formal presentation should plan to be there at 6:00 PM to go into more detail about the information provided.

Displays of the current plan will be presented and city representatives will be present to interact with the community members and answer any questions that citizens may have. This meeting will precede a more formal public hearing at City Council. The date for this event is not yet specified.

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