A message from the Worsham family

     Mendy and I want to extend a most gracious thank you to our beloved family, community, all of Nacogdoches, and those across the U.S. who contributed in whatever way to the recovery of Kade and our family. Whether it was prayers, support, time, money, sitting relief at the hospital, planning/executing fund raisers, mowing our yard, shuttling clothes and vehicles from home…We can never thank everyone enough for coming to our rescue in our time of need.

     Our only fear in pointing out specific people to thank, is that we leave someone out who, in our eyes were God-sends. Those behind the scenes that were led to help us, but that we may never know their names. Forgive us if we do.

     First and foremost, God gets the credit in all things blessed here. Period.

     Loretta Torrence. I know you’re going to be mad, but tough. That was like working on a child of your own. We shouldn’t have asked you to do it, but we did because we love and trust you that much. Thanks for never leaving his side.

     Family often gets taken for granted, but they are the first troops to hit the ground running in times of crisis. Ours did so many things at every turn, we can’t list them. But know we love you all and appreciate all that each of you did.

     Lori Huddleston Blankenship and your entire army of family and friends. I’ve never heard of a fundraiser being pulled off like that. Amazing. Thanks Jeremy for opening the school for this.

     Brandi Crisp and Gerri Marlow at Gerri’s Style station with the “blue streak hair” fundraiser . Russ Maness’ Black Belt Academy and our school Shen Chuan in the “Kicks for Kade” fundraiser where Larry Ledbetter at Sears graciously offered his facilities. Marcie Shoemaker for getting the Kade’s Krew t-shirts and wrist bands going, as well as Jimmy Crow (Tattoo Productions) for doing the tees. David Russell for “caps in class” fundraiser. Danny and Debbie Adkins for setting up their motorhome for us. Karolyn Clifton, thank you for administering the Benefit Account, monies donated and fundraiser deposits at First Bank. Keith Lansdale for running this free of charge.

     We can never, ever, thank everyone enough.

     God bless you all!

billy jack, mendy, maci, kade and Katie worsham

     Welcome home reception for Kade Worsham ~Sunday July 29, 1 to 3 pm Central Heights High School cafeteria~

     Spread the word, lets show him how much we love him and we are glad that he is finally back home! If you are interested in bringing a dessert or helping with this please call or text Brandy Crisp at 462-0943 or Meriah Wright at 371-1033

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