Herrington: Quantum Pyschology

Chris Herrington, Contributing Writer

What I have been working on for 25 years: The New Mythology
I first came up with this thought when I was 17.
I was in my 30’s when I formulated the question: ASsTtD> DST* + I

Principles of Quantum Psychology: A Hallucinatory Hygienics of the Mind

Synopsis: The theoretical hypothesis that there are preferred states of consciousness for human beings such that the entire sensorium and matrix of neuroreceptor pathways are opened by achieving a state in which zero indications of fear exist: lacking self-consciousness, lacking judging of others, lacking malice, lacking ego constructs; and, in fact, attuning one’s entire constitution to harmony in all things by deleting violence, self-righteousness, and any sense of self-hood as independent from the whole field of existence in which we live and breathe, ostensibly and universally.


IF we were to clear the field of our minds of any obstructions, our minds would allow us to update our own onboard wetwear, recalibrating us to be harmonically synchronized with our environment, and this pathway would seem to us a hallucination that made a phase shift re-evaluation of our present outlook. The asset to our having this update would be that it would bring on board the fully realized capacity of our mental and psychic capacities, aligning our minds with an emotional stated freed from its overriding mind set of being preoccupied with a need to survive, to dominate, to defend, or to take possession. We have so become dominated by our own biochemicals that we lack the capacity which is innately ours to operate in complete and natural freedom. We are dominated by fears which cause us to become overwhelmed by needs that project over the bounds of what is necessary and authentic and so we live our lives as paranoid and self-consciously driven species of psychotically self-destructive beasts.

There are preferred states that facilitate this transformation:

1. Since love and fear cannot occupy the same space, and are themselves mutually exclusive, then our becoming loving is the only logical substitute for our fears; we must become fully loving towards all objects and beings, states of consciousness and sense evaluations, including pain, suffering, indifference, hate, and rejections of all kinds.

2. Inclusion adds depth of sense to the whole; those who are less aware see a smaller awareness in terms of the infinite presence of Nowness, since time and distance, dimensional relationships, exist only in the mind. If we were to become fully aware of all experience and all capacity to sense, the universe would become a multifaceted singularity to us.

3. Tolerance is being open to the unfolding reality in front of us, whereas intolerance shuts down our creative sensitivities and shrinks the universe, not just merely perceptively but rather in terms of our quantum mechanical relationship, it changes our awarenesses and makes some stages and states of existence invisible to us. The reason that we have not bridged the cosmic and quantum state gap is that we simply have been looking at them as separate to begin with, when in fact they are the same thing. Inward spirals of fractalized energy latticed on sound wave patterned dispersements have been untenably split from their microscopic counter parts because of our inability to see their connectiveness by virtue of how, inwardly, we are seeing it.


We have surmised that what we have in front of us is a multidimensional world set universe, when in fact the overlapping reality framework we see playing out in front of us is a series of reframings that allow us to rationalize that we ourselves are in a fixed point of dimensional residence. Just as we previously saw the stars as being fixed in their place in the sky, or before that that we saw the earth as being fixed in the heavens, or before that that the earth itself was a fixed plane that was flat and unwavering, we now must see that our own state of reality is a fluctuating state of comprehension whose perceptibility depends on the awareness of the viewer. If we want to see things as they are then we need to be able to focus our view by deleting all of the pre-filtering states of consciousness that camouflage reality from our eyes. We cannot see what we are looking at since we have deleted it before it reaches our brains; reality is at least partially camouflaged from us because of how we think.

How we think is predetermined by how we feel since it is our emotional predisposition that is in charge of our thinking mechanism, and that basic principle is the subject of this discussion: How do we then achieve a state of fully realized emotional freedom such that we can see things as they are?


Humans have been subconsciously working towards this end since the beginning of time, philologically speaking. The directions of shamanism, ethnopharmacology, altered states of consciousness brought on by environmental or chosen stress patterns during work, play, vision quests, battle, sports, delusions brought on by vices, and other pathways of access to manipulations of our biochemical, have at times led us to meditative states of consciousness, on purpose or by accident of happenstance like near death experience or accidental poisonings, into glimpses of reality. For the main part, these findings have been unrepeatable experiments that have not transferred from teacher to student and remain for the most part folk lore or legend or points of attenuations upon which to wish or dream or dread or hope for.

Those who have glimpsed into the abyss of total integration of our biochemical faculties have had little success in transferring, translating, or even repeating for themselves their experiences and these have been so few and rare as to become the draw points of entire religions, minds sets, thought patterns, or subcultures. Aligning our biochemistry with our food intake, our emotional state, our environmental mindset and our externalization of our defense mechanisms has proven a worthy target that has been nearly impossible to hit, although upon occasion, it seems to have had its intersections with some elements of human correspondence.

One might then wonder what it would take to actualize the perfected state of heavenly bliss, this nirvana of enlightened understanding. Once the rituals of life have been observed, the self-conscious affectations of private projection upon the substrates of human interaction dissolved, the neurotic involvements of human frailty deleted, the vices cleared from the environment of human activity and resolved, the unconscious brought into full light such that the subconscious elements are able to override the self-conscious elements and integrate the whole from the unintegrated parts of the human platform of developing consciousness of our true and fully realized self in the cosmic pantheon of universal perceptions, then we may have a shot at actually seeing what is there to be seen, uniting the forces and creating a unified field theory of integral energy and a de-subluxation of the neural network and cosmic wetware that makes the entire fabric of the universe understandable. We simply cannot see what we need to see as long as we are not suitable to the task because of our egotistical approach. We are unworthy of knowing what we cannot understand unless we put down our self-interest of having to own it all and be in charge of it. We are too small to drive the bus, and the thought that we will get to see the cosmic engine as emotionally unfit as we are is a cruel joke of Greek Tragic proportions, for the more we look the more it evades us, since we are asking the wrong questions. The question is not how do I see it? The question is how is it seen? The mind cannot see what only the heart is capable of viewing.

The process then is to train the viewers to become egoless and then, at the very least, interpolate for the rest of us. Instead of teaching science first, by training the mind, we must train the heart to tell the mind how to see. What we need as data is unavailable to us by virtue of the viewer’s having filtered out what is there. We change what we see in front of us. So, we need to be less or even, to an infinite extent, non-existent in order to see the naked universe. We have evolved with a voyeuristic view of the world, and this changes what we see. We are not looking at something else, we are looking at ourselves, and when we do that self-consciously we change what we see.



Human beings exhibit themselves as whole and individual, and yet they are a communal animal, and they operate in societies. At every level of civilization, anthropologically, they group and formulate relationships, engage in rule making, observe territorial issues, promulgate marriage rites, attend to religious ceremonies, and have a preponderance of socially manufactured associations build on affectations and abstractions all heading towards an end of normalizing behavior and crating hierarchies of adjustment and allegiance. For the purposes of later collections of resources, power, labor, or associations for various rationalizations, man, human kind, has followed a path of survival that precludes attending to selflessness, and this built his life around the shadow of fear surrounding death and the mystery of mortality.


This complex, the fear of death and all of its associated preoccupations, has led us to a state of negligence, one which has now been unseated by modern medicine and an economy that has allowed us to rally against time and our previous failure to live long enough to contemplate death in it entirety. We now how the capacity to see ourselves in such a fully realized way, is such a larger format, that the big picture we now hold in mind, is so well developed that many people will instantly recognize what is being said here. What religions have hinted at, what has been inferred previously in psychology, philosophy, in medicine, and in the realm of human understanding in a world historical back drop, is that our entire project, the human realm, is an experiment in consciousness raising. We have before us the capacity to see what it is that has been holding us back for these millennia. We have not fully integrated our previously unintegrated abilities because we have displaced them with lesser ideas, lesser goals.


What science fiction or religion has told us is that we must look in the right spot. In fact the whole of human endeavor has been speaking to us. It has hinted that we must change ourselves, and that we cannot change others. We must see for ourselves and that others may not be able to see what we see. Plato has told us that if we attempt to communicate the truth we will be torn apart, because humans are addicted to their own projections, because it is this apparatus that is used to prove their view of the world. One mind set does in fact project upon the world an organization that creates a paradigm to make fit the genius of their projections, their own. And to that end they seek to saturate the world with their view either by propaganda or by force, it makes no difference to those who psychotically attach themselves to a warped view of the world. It’s shadows or nothing, and this is why the world of war exists, because oblivion is preferred over a universe that does not fit an unintegrated paradigm. Nature abhors a vacuum and the mind must have, to whatever end and for whatever reason, an organization, however woven and in whatever fashion, but in its own style and pattern.


To this end then, humans have now suppressed each other into unsustainable patterns of behavior which contort all sense and which have as their end the destruction of all competing views of the world. It is not merely enough to wield terrific power over one’s own mind, one must extend that power over the minds of others in order to secure the fabric one has chosen as his clothing for his own reality, an Emperor’s New Clothes. We are now in the struggle over world domination of interpretive views by virtue of the market place of ideas, the competing theories of reality being the delineations of the argument. Some of the players in this game of supreme civilizations are demented and deranged, but all are to some degree psychotic. Meeting each one with willful strategies for domination or else particular appetites, the universal theme among humans is a thirst for acquisition and domination, for supremacy and ownership, by the people themselves, by the state, and by the efforts of those who run the corporations and associations of interactivity for domination and occupation at every level. In short, while we are all trying to climb on top in order to gain the prize of claiming it all, we have forgotten the sad truth of reality: We do not live independently of each other, but rather we share the planet as co-partners, for we are inextricably interdependent on each other, a fact of our being human as common and communal animals. To lack the ability to co-exist is to necessarily call for war in order to dominate and destroy, and we have chosen war. What science has confirmed is that with that mindset, we do not get to see the big picture, and so, it seems we might be destined to forever fly blind through the cosmos, and this begs the question, “Are we taking a risk of being blindsided as we push forward in our search for ultimate truth?” Those who are funding the project really do not seem to care about the dire consequences of our boundary breaking adventuring. Those on the front lines who are by hand and through experiments now peeling back the fabric of reality are increasingly alarmed by the inference of their findings. Who we are determines what we see. If what we are is self-destructive, then the reality we augment by our looking at what is may in fact be the answer to the thought, “Be careful what you wish for.” Logically, if this is not so, then quantum mechanics is wrong-headed and we have lost valuable time looking at such silly ideas. If it is indeed correct, then we have a lot of work on the human level to prepare for observing the universe as it is.


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  1. madmilker says:


    Maybe it’s just a Universe 101 Game in Satan and God’s eye….

    and humans are put here on Earth as pawns in the game…..

    God gets each soul….

    Satan gets all the wicked minds….

    Humans get a grave for participating…..

    and the game starts all over again….

    as long as God and Satan don’t get bored playing….

    [“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.”] -Albert Einstein

    but God and Satan is sure about the grave…..

    and this O’fart is just praying neither get bored.

    • runningturtle87 says:

      Sure enough, Madmilker, there are theories out the wazzoo….for myself, IMHO, the entire game is way more positive than we fear…I’m a the universe is completely full sorta guy…..Thanks!

  2. Blake says:

    Job well done my friend.

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