June 1: Nacogdoches County Booking Report

This is the report from the Nacogdoches County Jail that lists the arrests made from 6 a.m. of the previous day to 6 a.m. of the listed day.

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One Response to June 1: Nacogdoches County Booking Report

  1. Vince says:

    the good deputies sholud not be blamed for Kerss screw ups. They just carry out his directions. He is supposed to be in charge and the buck is supposed to stop at his desk. Maybe the Kerss supporters sholud stop worrying about keeping their influence and demanding that he works crime in Nacogdoches Co. That would be a big change and one that might help. Kerss got dependent on the task force’ and got lax in doing his job as Sheriff. Just like he got lax on the jail. To say all jails have problems is just a pitiful excuse for Kerss not doing his job in supervising the jail and what is going on there. We need a full Federal investigation top to bottom on the jail after the Davis case, the escapes, the jailers helping inmates and having affairs with them and not to mention all the complaints. The Sheriff does have a lot more control and authority over the jail than some want to admit because that would mean putting responsibility on Kerss, where it belongs.

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