May 11 – May 18: SFA Crime Log

Thursday May 17, 2012 – Friday May 18, 2012

On 5-17-2012 an Officer was dispatched to the area of the East College Cafeteria in reference to a vehicle striking a street sign and leaving the area. The Officer contacted the subject behind the East College Cafeteria and discovered the subject was driving without a driver’s license. The subject was arrested for driving without a driver’s license and was transported to the Nacogdoches County Jail without incident. There is one suspect.

Wednesday May 16, 2012 – Thursday May 17, 2012

There are no reports.

Tuesday May 15, 2012 – Wednesday May 16, 2012

There are no reports.

Monday May 14, 2012 – Tuesday May 15, 2012

There are no reports.

Friday May 11, 2012 – Monday May 14, 2012

On 5-12-2012 an Officer made contact with a subject on Baker St. in reference to his vehicle obstructing the flow of traffic. The Officer advised the subject to move his vehicle and the subject refused to identify himself and then struck the Officer with his car. As the subject was being arrested, he resisted the officers. The subject was arrested for Aggravated Assault Against a Public Servant, Failure to Identify, and Resisting Arrest or Transport. There is one suspect.

On 5-11-2012 an Officer was dispatched to the SFA Business Office in reference to Fraud. Upon arrival the Officer made contact with the complainant, who advised a known person deposited money into their SFASU Web Check system to pay a student bill with a fraudulent routing number. There is one suspect.

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