(Democratic): Meeting of the Nacogdoches County Democrats

     Plan now to attend the meeting of the Nacogdoches County Democrats this Thursday at 5:30 pm at the meeting room in the Nacogdoches County Courthouse Annex. The meeting was originally planned as an Executive Committee Meeting, but because the primary election date has not been set, the Executive Committee cannot meet.

     Bring a friend with you to the meeting.

     The items to be discussed will include the status of the primary election date, which depends on what the courts rule on the challenged redistricting plans passed by the Texas legislature. There is also likely to be discussion of the status of the Texas voter ID law, and whether it will be approved by the Department of Justice.

     And for a really good time, share with us your funniest example of the R’s presidential candidates shooting themselves or one of the other candidates in the foot during the hilarious primary campaigns.

Nacogdoches County Democrats

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