Babydolls shut down and all employees arrested (photos included)

     A poll has been added between the pictures and the comments.

     The Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s office shut down the club Babydolls Saturday night for violating an order regarding the laws of Sexually Oriented Businesses. All employees were arrested and charged with a misdemeanor crime of operating the establishment without a license.

Exact wording of the
(3) ADULT CABARET means a night club, bar, restaurant, or similar commercial establishment which regularly features:

A. Persons who appear in a state of nudity; or
B. Live performances which are characterized by the exposure of “specified anatomical area” or by “specified sexual activities”; or
C. Films, motion pictures, video cassettes, slides, or other photographic reproductions which are characterized by the depiction or description of “specified sexual activities” or “specified anatomical area”.

     One of our readers suggested a poll and we think that’s a great idea.

Are you in support or against the recent shutdown of Babydolls?

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216 Responses to Babydolls shut down and all employees arrested (photos included)

  1. JC Kaspar says:


    • Guido says:

      The building was available for rent for a time and we had a group of investors ready to go at one point. Unfortunately the building has now been torn down.

      There was also some talk at one point about opening a business in the building next door.

  2. Max says:

    I can understand that police may shut down the place and take the owner and the manager to jail because of no license. But what the hell with the arresting poor stripper girls for???? Their job may not be decent but they are there to make money for their living. Nothing illagel on what they do there as per the law. If owner is scumbag, it is not stripper girls fault!!!!

    • The family says:

      It was all an election year stunt by Kerss that didn’t go as planned. I know of several people who voted against him because of this.

      They had their permit and had been in business for years.

      ‘Sam’ is still watching her back though

  3. Prez Camacho says:

    Zombie thread…. The owner didn’t have a “proper” operating license so the LEOs had probable cause to take photos of each (female) employee and search their personal effects? Protect and serve. Protect and serve. I’m sure Dallas was a safer place after that night.

  4. Former stripper says:

    Yea as a former dancer who HONESTLY danced my way through college ( now work as a medical lab tech in a major hopital ) and am a year away from completing my second degree. …. This is wrong to arrest all the dancers. They are trying to make a living just like everyone else. I think their wives are probably just jealous or something

    • Former stripper says:

      And btw I am not or have never been on food stamps or government assistance of any kind. I have 2 now teenage boys that I have supported WITHOUT CHILD SUPPORT …….. Their dad had a horrible accident so quit judging dancers unless you know their each individual and unique story. I never did drugs. Sure some dancers do …. There are also women that work at gas stations who sell. Drugs and prostitute themselves out from work. There are women who head banks sleeping with their coworkers husband. So preach somewhere else about morals

  5. Guido says:

    R.I.P. Babydolls

  6. Free Country? says:

    So, what’s up with the pictures of employees getting their bags and personal belongings searched? I guess they’re looking for the license. That’s probably what they’re doing in the office too, looking behind the drywall. Must have been looking for that paperwork – uh, yeah.

    It is unfortunate that anyone would have to obtain a license to earn an honest living. Any honest business between two consenting adults should be none of the government’s business. Busting this place on an administrative technicality was just an excuse to conduct a bogus search for things not related to licensing, and to hassle a business because they don’t like it. If there was a drug problem, get a warrant to search for drugs and do a bust. If there was a gun problem, get warrant and search for guns. But to bust this place for a license, then arrest and photograph everyone in the place doesn’t sound like the free country I grew up in.

  7. Babydolls employee says:

    Well here we are a week before Christmas and there really are no new developments in the case against us employees. In fact my lawyer says the county has not even gotten back to him , big surprise there the way things run in this county is a joke only it aint funny. I do not know what the out come of all this will be but I think the county and Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrain aka. Thomas Kerss got one thing done and that is Babydolls is no more and probably will never be again.

    • Babydolls employee says:

      My wish and hope for Christmas and the new year is that the good people of the county realize what happened to us was an abuse of power and that it could happen to anyone. I am stating right now that me and my fellow co-workers have and are pleading not guilty because we are not guilty of anything but trying to make an honest living. BTW. Dont forget to vote for a change because we need a better sheriff .

  8. Wayne says:

    Vote Kerss out in March 2012!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Any new developments? The county ‘now’ has an eyesore that is known as the old HEB. Put these people back to what they were doing and get the NCSD to getting actual drug labs and children who are being abused taken care of. We live behind this club and would much rather the businesses in the area had people ‘occupying’ them. Our tax dollars are being used by the dept. to fight the fact that these folks were arrested when there was no license required. This is not going away before elections Kerss. Shame on NC. The poll shows most of the county doesnt care we had a ‘club’ So what. I do care that our county’s unemployment went UP.

  10. kennard says:

    Why is it ignored that most are against the NCSO? Whats the point in a poll? These people are on food stamps NOW and need jobs! Wake up people

  11. blue62 says:

    Why are there so many pictures? Something just doesn’t seem legal about posting 80+ pictures online, especially since it sounds like neither the customers nor the strippers had anything to do with this. And what’s with the picture of the gun and the bullets?? Manages to be both pervy and scary.

  12. Flarky says:

    Those cops aren’t exactly Rhodes scholars. They wrote “probably cause” instead of “probable cause.”

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