Cash Mob Kennedy’s Jeweler

     The City of Nacogdoches Main Street Program is organizing another Cash Mob in historic downtown Nacogdoches, on Saturday, July 14th from 12 to 2 p.m. at Kennedy’s Jewelers, located at 201 E. Main Street. What is a Cash Mob you may ask? We have all heard of Flash Mobs. You’ve seen them online or on television – groups of seemingly random people at a mall or street corner suddenly breaking into coordinated song or dance. Cash Mobs take the spontaneous gathering concept and coordinate it through social media and add a shop local component. “Cash Mobs are a great way to encourage people to Shop Nac First,” said Main Street Manager Sarah O’Brien. The concept is to utilize social media to encourage a large group of residents to visit a particular business at a certain date or time and spend money. “Simply Google Cash Mob, and you will see examples from across the nation,” said O’Brien.

     Nacogdoches Main Street hosted their first Cash Mob in March, in honor of National Cash Mob Day. “We had a lot of fun with our first Cash Mob, we have just been waiting on the right time to host another one,” said O’Brien, “with the announcement that Kennedy’s was closing their doors, we couldn’t think of a more perfect time to host another Cash Mob.” The Kennedy family has been in business for 97 years on the square in downtown. Kennedy’s Jeweler is a Nacogdoches landmark. “What better way to say “Thank You” for all they have done, then to help them go out with a bang by Cash Mobbing them,” said O’Brien.

     To make this cash mob phenomenon a success, Nacogdoches Main Street is encouraging everyone to make plans to come downtown and help us “Cash Mob” Kennedy’s. “It’s simple to participate, just come downtown and visit Kennedy’s between 12 and 2 p.m., next Saturday, July 14th, and leave a few bucks behind,” said O’Brien. “Help show your appreciation for the Kennedy family and all they have down for historic downtown Nacogdoches.” We encourage everyone to join us at the Old Town General Store after mobbing Kennedy’s. Staff will be on hand to serve you lunch, desert or drinks and you can visit and reminisce with other cash mobber’s about your memories of Kennedy’s.

     For details and information about the July 14th Cash Mob, contact the Nacogdoches Main Street Office at 936-559-2573 or email

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  1. Billy Dix says:

    I thought the idea was to help struggling businesses succeed by ‘mobbing’ them with purchases. Why do it for someone already going out of business? I hate to see Kennedy’s close as much as anyone. But, I’d rather help a new business that is trying to stay open or get started than one that is already determined to close.

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