Meth lab seized during search Friday

Jason Bridges, Pct. 4 Constable

     The Nacogdoches County Constable Office Precinct 4 conducted a search warrant late Friday night that resulted in the arrest of two people. A search of the residence revealed a methamphetamine laboratory along with stolen property and methamphetamine oil found inside of the residence.

     Constable Bridges stated that this has been an ongoing investigation for some time that originated in precinct 4. About 6:00 pm Friday night, the constable office executed the search warrant at Michael Stevenson residence on FM 225. A search of the residence was conducted an deputy constable’s found a gallon of methamphetamine oil inside the residence, along with drug pipes, plastic baggies, digital scales and other drug paraphernalia. Bridges stated that deputies also found a methamphetamine laboratory with chemicals that was concealed inside of a bucket that was found in the kitchen.

     Deputy Constable also found stolen property, including a set of Bose speakers that were stolen from an area business about 6 months ago Bridges stated. Also found outside the residence were about 60 feet of cooper wire that was found in a burn pile. The cooper wire contains a very heavy thickness and we often see this type of wire being stolen from the oil field industry. Bridges stated that his office is still investigating where the cooper wire came from.

     It is not uncommon when we are on these search warrants to find stolen property, Bridges stated. In the past three search warrants that we have conducted in the last week, two of those search searches has revealed stolen property.

     Michael Stevenson 42 years of age and Kathryn Denese Pickens 37 years of age were both arrested at the scene and charged with possession of a controlled substance 1st felony and possession of chemicals with intent to manufacture methamphetamine. Constable Bridges stated that more charges are pending for theft. Both subjects were transported to the Nacogdoches County Jail.

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  1. "Frienemy" says:

    Report Includes:
    Date/Time: 15:14:10 06/02/12 Booking Number(s): 12-2275
    Name Number: 70674 Birth Date: 05/10/74
    Address: 10287 STATE HWY 7 EAST, NACOGDOCHES, TX 75961
    Booking Type: FEDERAL INMATES Release Date: **:**:** **/**/**
    Booked By: LOVE T
    Offense Date Statute Offense Description Class Agency Bond Amt Remaining Clearance Code
    11:06:00 05/11/2012 481.115(f) POSS CS PG 1 >=400G F1 NCSO $100,000.00 $100,000.00 [No exceptional clearance]


    Sec. 481.115. OFFENSE: POSSESSION OF SUBSTANCE IN PENALTY GROUP 1. (a) Except as authorized by this chapter, a person commits an offense if the person knowingly or intentionally possesses a controlled substance listed in Penalty Group 1, unless the person obtained the substance directly from or under a valid prescription or order of a practitioner acting in the course of professional practice.

    (f) An offense under Subsection (a) is punishable by imprisonment in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for life or for a term of not more than 99 years or less than 10 years, and a fine not to exceed $100,000, if the amount of the controlled substance possessed is, by aggregate weight, including adulterants or dilutants, 400 grams or more.

  2. joel says:

    Anyone know the status of these 2? What’s the latest?

  3. Gypsy says:

    so, does anyone know how she got down and why she involved herself in a trial that had absolutely nothing to do with her. For that matter, why did she disrespect a damn good nurse? does she need the limelight that much? figured she’d have enough with cps and felonies for making and selling meth.

  4. Nac Resident says:

    Looks like some people need to go purchase those green “Hulk” gloves and get busy. Quit airing your family’s dirty drawers in public.

  5. Brandi Pickens says:

    Well the last sliver of empathy I had for Cathy was blown to hell today when I found out that she saw her 17 old daughter multiple times today in Wal Mart and she didnt even speak to her. Mind you she hasnt seen her in over a year and talked to her in over six months. Sad thing is this isnt the first time this has happened. Good Job Cathy!! Thats the way to show her you care about her.

  6. April lucas says:

    I’m not afraid to say chris and I did a lot of stuff with them,. Let bridges come to my house, I ain’t got nothing to hide. So, amber, you wanna take this fight on, or are u too tame?

    • that girl says:

      Amber is not only to tame, shes to lame. Shes gonna turn out to be a total loser like her Cathy. A waste of perfectly good space and air.

  7. Taylor says:

    I see cps is now involved. Now, what kind of lies has cathy told to get out of jail, or did she sex her way out. Not the kind of persom to be allowed to freely walk the streets of any community.

  8. tyler durden says:

    now i see that cathy is testifing in the davita case.well gone from meth queen to snitch in just a few months.heh.

    • that girl says:

      cathy would do anything to get out of jail or help her cause including lying and making stuff up. lying is her specialty and her daughter ambers specialty also. like mother like daughter. you gotta watch those two

    • Taylor says:

      Yeah, if I was facing 20+ years for 1st & 2nd degree felony drugs charges again, I’d say anything to make myself look good. Cathy is a liar. Convicted felon. Who would believe anything she says? Only way she can get a lawyer is too sell herself or drugs. Hope she gets life for making & selling meth.

  9. Brandi Pickens says:

    Again, I have no desire what so ever to be part of your future. Besides what future do you have with no High school diploma or GED? Im not the one trying to out talk and argue with eveyone on here. Last time I checked we lived in a country of free speech and free press. I wasnt arguing with you I was mearly staing facts. You are the one who thought you were gonna prove me wrong acting like I dont know what Im talking about. Im sorry that didnt work for you. No one but you is hitting reply to all these messages on here and arguing and trying to prove your mothers case. The only one on here acting childish and ridiculously foolish is you. Before you reply how about you head over to Martinsville and get your Nana to give you a grammar and english lesson. Because if you go back and read your posts you sound and write no better than a third grader.

  10. Brandi Pickens says:

    Lets get two things straight real quick…………..First I will not ever, have not ever, and do not want to ever make amends with you. Please dont mistake my feeling sorry for you as wanting to make amends with you or wanting you in mine or my childrens life. Cause that is a definate HELL NO! Do you not relize, I wont even go there. Second do not think you can out talk me with the lies your momma has told you. I only speak the truth and have the proof when it comes to her and her ridiculous past. The only time in the last 17 years CPS has ever knocked at my door is beacuase of either you or your mothers lies and, every time Ive been cleared. I didnt almost loose one or any of my kids so please get your facts straight. What is it that I could threaten or scare CPS with as you say? If that were the case everybody would use that tactic including your mother. I know my legal rights as a human being and a mother, Im sorry that your mother does not. Your mother was busted on Hwy 21 East in the Larrys Country Boy parking lot not only for paraphernalia but also possesion of meth. Thats a matter of public record so just waltz yourself down to the courthouse and get you a copy. Or would like a free copy cause I will be glad to mail you a copy of the one I have. So what exactly are you saying has changed again? Nothing as far as I can see. Im not targeting her she keeps putting herself in stupid situations. How is that my fault? Thats right its not. My life is happy and drama free, again know the facts. Since your biological sister is my child, that makes anything to do with your mother not only my buisness but also your dads. I have always told you to make your own ideas about your mother, never more. Anything that I did tell you I can prove, and can assure you its a matter of public record either in Nacogdoches or Sabine county. I have no reason to sugar coat anything now or in the past. Please put my buisness out there. Better yet, let me beat you to it……I had a baby (whom I love dearly and wouldnt change for anything) my senior year out of wedlock. Ive had a steady job since I was 20. I supported you for how many years? And your sisters and did a pretty good job. Ive been arrested and spent a night in jail ONLY for an unpaid ticket nothing more. I was given up as an infant, yes beacuse my biological mother did not want me and the responsibilty of raising a child at 17. Flip side is I got an amazing set of parents who love me to the moon and back. Those are the biggest skeletons in my closet. Lets not even get started on your mothers. Im not pointing any fingers that law enforcement hasnt already pointed and proven. My hands are pretty darn clean, I dont have anything to hide. I lead a pretty mundane life. There is no reason for you to forgive me, again I havent said anything on here at anytime that isnt true or that I cant prove. I dont hate your mother as you may think, I feel sorry for her cause she could have been a lot more. Im sorry the truth hurts about your mom. You are the one who puts yourself out there to get hurt. Sooner or later you use her and her family for what they can give you and be on the run again to someone else. Until you fix you your always going to be chasing greener pastureno matters whos arms they land you in. Your dad and I, and Pam and Jeff are proof of that.

    • Amber PICKENS says:

      Well Brandi, excuse me, civil I’m sorry I should have looked that the messages before I wrote my bad. Lol also I’m done with you, was when I left and still am. You my past not my future Hunny that’s not my sister and Annie was the one you almost lost. You threatened you kids about a foster home and that’s why they said they would stay. So I’m done like I said in the last message i sent you. YOU CHILDISH, your arguing with an 18 year old what my family can give me is love unlike what was experienced in your home. Well good bye I hope this is the last I hear from you, I really hope so I’m really tired of you, i was hoping that when I left I wouldn’t even have to hear your name, and dang I was wrong!
      Well bye Brandi, I hope your life is greatly lived.(:

  11. Brandi Pickens says:

    I hate to say it but you really cant teach an old dog new tricks! I have had the disgust of being intertwined with Cathy since 1995. I know for a fact since 2002 she has been in trouble with the law concerning meth. We gained custody of her 2 daughters in 2003 for her use of meth and other reasons I wont mention. The saddest part of the whole thing is in the last 10 years what has she put her kids through most of all her son. Ive read all the comments and its funny how the ones defending her remain annonymus except Amber. Ambers got nothing to loose except trying to prove all of us wrong. You all say she didnt do it and she didnt expose her kids to anything. Well your all wrong she did. Maybe she wasnt smoking, cooking or selling meth in front of her children, but she was exsposing her kids. You think she only did meth was when her child wasnt around? Come on lets get real here. Im a firm believer that past behavior predicts future behavior. Do you really think they were just storing a meth lab? Do they have pips, baggies, and scales for the fun of it? HELL NO!! What purpose would they have them for if they were not cooking and selling Meth. Im also a firm believer in second chances and redemption but Cathy has used all of her nine lives and get out of jail free cards and then some. Amber, I feel sorry for you the most, you keep allowing yourself to get sucked into her web and thats a shame cause you were taught and told better. How many second chances do you give someone? Say what you want you know deep down shes guilty. Admitting that to yourself is hard because that would be admitting that we were right all those years and now. I hope you get the help you need to fight all your demons and quit relying on someone else to make you feel good about yourslf. Cause in reality only you can make yourself happy.

    • Amber PICKENS says:

      Brandi, you might have got custody years ago but didnt just lose one, and almost your others. The only reason you didn’t is because you pretty much threatened them until they were scared. You husband is no better and neither are you. My mother has not been in trouble for meth before losing custody and she was only in trouble with parafernalia. Now yes I also believe in you past shows the future and you may think my mother didn’t change but unlike you I do the same way I think you will NEVER change. I put my name because I’m not scared to say Cathy Pickens is MY MOTHER, I believe her and what she says I do have things to lose the same way you do when you almost lost what you had/have. So stop targeting my mom like you have for the past 17 years and I think your life would be a little less dramatic and happy, worry about what’s going on in your life and not others. Also Brandi you wanted to make amends with me, your going down the wrong path. Just letting you know. You might think YOUR right but your not. You have always put the wrong things in my/ your kids heads, now I see the real you. Just leave it alone its not your business if you want to get involved then let’s put your business put there and see if you like what people say. Would you like that? I hope not, and neither does our family. We don’t like seeing how people like you that are pointing fingers when your own hands aren’t even clean. It hurts but I can still forgive people even the ones like you. That’s just what you need to do, forgive it makes life a lot better, so stop hating others that don’t look great in your eyes and love they ones who stayed in your life for the past 17 years that have to put up with all the bull and still love you anyway.

  12. tame says:

    Umm, amber…think on this while you’re ranting and raving. Yes i know BOTH of them. That doesn’t means I did anything with them other than associate with them because our sons are in the same grade. One would wonder about YOUR involvement. If you knew what they were doing, why did you not intervene? Or were you too busy getting high also? Looking at both of their criminal records is very interesting. Do you have a record? I do not. Nor do I involve myself with activites that aren’t legal. So, don’t throw stones if you live or are in a glass house. I know quite a few law enforcement officers, both of my brother-in-laws are cops, couple of my uncles are former cops. And if Bridges shows up at my door, I’ll inform him that there is nothing to find but a little immature person’s ranting and raving, who may need to be looked at herself with her wild accusations. Besides I went to school with him. I have nothing to hide. And, public IP addresses usually can’t be trace to a single computer. Grow up and think before you act or speak. Still, Mike knew he was being watching. He was warned. He was given info to act upon. He chose to believe he wasn’t going to get caught. I’ve never called him chief, except once out of bitterness. Your mother, well, she let him tell her what to do and where. Sad. Regardless of your immaturity, your family is in my prayers. Not all who wander are lost. Not all who are in jail/been convicted are bad. There are more trully bad people who haven’t ever been caught still under the radar. There probably won’t be any probation offered. They will both be lucky to get anything less than 2 years TDC. You should worry about J and help your family keep him out of foster homes. Don’t let your anger rule you. Don’t threat others. That’s terroristic threat. Peace to you and yours. Keep your faith and hold your head up. Remind yourself daily of the good in life. Pray for your loved ones to find salvation, peace, stability, and love. Don’t accuse without proof. Don’t attack out of negativism. I forgive you for your comments as I know you’re hurting. Forgive yourself.

    • Amber PICKENS says:

      Tame, I’m involved because that’s my mother, I’m involved because they took my mother away, I’m involved because its not only me that’s seeing this, I’m speaking for ones who can’t. People would wonder about your involvement your son and my brother might have been in the same grade but that doesn’t mean you had to associate with them, unless you were getting high also. If I knew anything, yes I would have intervened if you know what was going on why didn’t you, or were you to busy getting high? No i do not have a record and you should put your first and last name on here to see if you have a record? I guess its a good thing that I don’t live in a glass home? Do you ,if so I wouldn’t be thowing stones either. I also forgive you, I’m not hiding anything, thats a fact bridges can come knock on my door and I’ll be very willing to corporate. I’m not threatening anyone. Yes I know a man who can trace the IP address to the right computer, so let’s not sit there and call me dumb. I have not accused with out proof, I simply stated that if they know what was going on then they had to of been right there with them, not saying my mother did anything. thats great your family are cops, I have family that are cops to that doesn’t mean I’m going to bring them into this, if they don’t belong in it then let’s leave them out of it. Also like you said don’t accuse without proof! he might have been warned but that doesn’t mean all the little comments are needed. like I said, I forgive you for everything you have said and for thinking you hurt my family or I. My brother Joe, is out of a foster home, he’s with family! So let’s stop worrying about others and worry about ourselves. Please and thank you. I hope there are no more childish games/comments.

  13. z says:

    Amber, your courage and love for your mother is, and should be, a reminder that good people can and do screw up. Perhaps this will be a wake-up call for her and she’ll change. She’s a good mother. Keep fighting for her. Ya’ll are in my prayers.

    • Amber PICKENS says:

      Thank you Z. Yes good people do mess up and I hope that there are more people out there, that are like you and dont judge people the way that the people on here are doing. Only because they believe everything they read. Yes I do love my mother and even though she cant fight for herself, I will!
      <3 Amber Pickens.

  14. Casandra says:


  15. Amber PICKENS says:

    I hope that the people on here arent the ones who will make up what you get, because it looks like you would be getting the death penalty to!
    The same goes to everyone else that has told on themselves on this page!!!
    You will regret what you said when you get caught and what you said on here is what you GET! The death penalty, life, or anything else. What comes around goes around

  16. Amber PICKENS says:

    I hope that the people on here arent the ones who will make up what you get, because it looks like you would be getting the death penalty to!
    The same goes to everyone else that has told on themselves on this page!!!
    You will regret what you said when you get caught and what you said on here is what you GET! The death penalty, life, or anything else. What comes around goes around!

  17. Christy says:

    YEH YEH….they do have one son together and yes I know about his two kids with his ex wife and her two daughters with her ex. But, atleast those other kids live elsewhere….and yes they did expose the son to lots of things…including letting him drink beer when he was just out of diapers. Its sick and disgusting.

    • Amber PICKENS says:

      Yes Christi they have a son together, and I’m her daughter. What if he looked up his parents and saw everything that was being posted. Not only is he reading what you/others put, going to school and being tormented because everyone has to be so rude. The only way you would know IF they exposed him to anything is if YOU were there. now if your done hurting the family of these people please shut up. That’s all you/others are doing. Your not hurting them they cant read this but the families can!

    • no name says:

      Amber is right… The only true crime that I see is that many of the people commenting are stupid enough to implicate themselves. I hope Bridges is reading this and is hot on your tail and if you don’t believe what I’m saying then maybe you should nap for a few days then try reading it again. It may give you a new perspective on things.

      • Amber PICKENS says:

        Thank you no name.
        I love my mother to death, and I honestly believe that she didnt do anything that is being said. The only way you people would know what was going on is if you were there doing it with them, and your telling on them so that you dont get caught or they made you mad in some way. So people what is it? Now matter what your telling on yourselves. So I do hope that Bridges is reading this also.
        Thank you, Amber Pickens, Daughter of Catherine Pickens.

  18. Annonymous says:

    They never exposed any of there kids to anything!!! JUST SAYING!!

    • Christy says:

      Yes they did.

      • Amber PICKENS says:

        No they didn’t. I have stayed with them, not once did the expose him to anything.

      • no name says:

        If you really believed this and were truely concerned for the son, then why did you let it go on without reporting it? Sounds to me like SLANDER!

        • Tara says:

          Do you even know the definition of slander…LOL … DUHHHHHHHHHHHH

          • No name says:

            For those of you who clearly don’t know the definition (Tara):
            Noun: The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation.
            Verb: Make false and damaging statements about (someone).
            Synonyms: noun. calumny – libel – defamation – aspersion – obloquy
            verb. defame – calumniate – traduce – vilify – backbite – libel

            Now that the vocabulary lesson is over… You can rest assure that, yes, I do know what it means. And for those more worried about finding error in what I said instead of the issue at hand, I also used the word grammatically correct in the correct context. Thank you for your time and intrest on the topic, but next time you might want to make your comments a little more educated…. LOL… DUHHHHHHHHH!!!

            • Tara says:


              • Amber PICKENS says:

                Oh Tara hunny, please just stop embarressing yourself. You have been out talked and your just telling on yourself. So lets stop the “YELLING” your not doing anything but making yourself look stupid. TTYL, AMBER PICKENS.<3
                Oh ps. what other comments are yours under another name? Huh….DUHHHHHHHHH you've been caught.(:

                • Amber PICKENS says:

                  3 calves and their mother were out in the field when one calf said. “Mother why is my name daisy?” Mother: “when you were born a daisy fell on your head.” The next calf said “Mother why is my name rose?” Mother: “when you were born a rose fell on your head.” The third calf said “UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUHHHHHH” Mother: “SHUT UP CINDERBLOCK/****”
                  The moral of this joke is that if you DONT know what your talking about, its best to keep your mouth SHUT.

  19. Annonymous says:

    They never exposed any of there kids to anything!!! JUST SAYING!!

  20. Liza Manelly says:

    Helll YES! First Karen Waters, then these two! Im glad to see their meth, “ring,” if you will, finally come to an end! Watch out for the upcoming cook Kristina! Good Work Jason Bridges! You will make a good sherriff!

    • annoyed says:

      Look here Lisa, kristina is non of your business. Don’t try and mess up her life if you don’t know is going on! Thank you.

    • no name says:

      This comment is truely lower than low. Children whose parents that have been charged with any crime have it hard enough without the help of ignorance from people like you. This comment should be taken off because not only does Kristina not have anything to do with this arcticle but this is not the place for your personal vendeta against a kid that is trying to get away and make something of herself!

      • annoyed says:

        these people dont look like meth heads, dealers, cookers, or anything else under that category. if you were to look at a one of those people’s mug shots then they would be skinny, cathy and mike have meat on them, there not skinny and im not calling them fat but right now thats the best word to use.

  21. Christi says:

    And they have a son…poor kid never did have a chance. I’m glad these losers finally got caught.

    • tame says:

      between them, they have like 7 kids.

    • Molly Smith says:

      These losers will be back on the street soon enough, cooking up more toxicity/distributing it. They have been cooking this stuff for too long and should be death sentenced! Such treacherous lives they have made their poor kids live

      • no name says:

        WOW… And here I thought I lived in America where EVERYBODY has a right to a fair trial. I see that Cathy’s daughter has already read and commented back to you. Could you imagine how disturbing it was for her to read that before a trial date was set you have already decided her guilt and are for capital punishmenet for crime that a person CAN reform from!! (And that is a proven fact)

    • Amber PICKENS says:

      Christi, they have more then one son, and he was not exposed to anything.

  22. Billy Dix says:

    I’m very glad to see someone in law enforcement working hard to get the thugs and meth cooks locked up. Keep up the good work Jason Bridges!

  23. tame says:

    chief, you were warned. your fault you didn’t listen. thought you were untouchable, eh?

    • Amber PICKENS says:

      Tame, I dont think understand what you did. You might have a grudge against chief, but you just told on yourself. I sent this url address to Bridges, and I pray that he gets your IP address, and takes you down the way he took chief down. This is carma for making me and joe lose our mother in the proses of you getting chief back!
      Thanks for your TIME.
      When you get caught you will have A LOT of it.
      Bye, Amber.

      • no name says:

        Well said Amber. Keep your head up and remember Karma has of effecting people like this in the worst possible way. Just sit back and enjoy the show! LOL!

        • Nancy says:

          they thought they were on top of the world the two of them. Queen and King dominating the meth manufacturing market. I guess kathy was more of just a sidekick. Karen watters was the true queen bee. Michael, also know as “Chief” or “the cook”.

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